Living in a dark cave

When you are walking in a life that brings about shame, knowing that the hidden secrets are not being exposed but the darkness is there regardless, you want to hide.

You will seclude yourself, hide away in your own mess and darkness that surrounds.

When you must socialize you will put on a happy face, but the life free from strongholds has not been your reality and the shame remains.

There is no light in the darkness. Sadly most often, the darkness becomes your comfort. You are satisfied walking in your sin, and hiding. But then when you feel the shame, the anger and resentment will rear it’s ugly head. You will blame others for the sin that has entrapped you, because you are not yet ready to let go. You know you should walk in freedom, but your habits have become your normal and your shame and hiding have become your everyday. You are living in a dark cave, and while others ask you to please, please come out of seclusion, come out of the pit, only you can choose when enough is enough.

If you are in a place of wanting more, but not knowing how to gain freedom. Seek the Lord with all of your heart. Ask Him to show you and free you from the bondage that you yourself have created and hid in. True joy can not be obtained when you are living in a dark cave, hiding and blaming everyone else.

Today is the day to immerge and find joy in the things that bring LIFE.

Praying for you today!

Your sister in Christ



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