Anxiety does not have me this day

It still amazes me, that with all my growth in the last two years, one look at my checking account can send me into a near panic. My heart starts beating rapidly when I realize how short we are for the bills ahead or how foolishly we had spent our income.

I must always stop, take a moment and focus. Focus on the many ways the Lord has always supplied our need. Focus on the jobs provision, just in a season we need it. Focus on the fact, that even when foolish, He has ironed things out.

Anxiety leads to depression. If the enemy has any opening in my life to make me anxious and keep me there, he has me.

I must remember to breath and take the those very troubles to the Lord. It does not matter what the checking account says, it does not matter how many bills are due or the fact that I am physically unable to work a steady job right now.

What matters, is that the joy of the Lord is mine, in any circumstance.

What matters, is that He is faithful always.

Tomorrow will come whether I pay that water bill now or next week.

There is no reason to walk in despair this whole day because things are not how I may choose them to be.

I do not need to look back into our past and miss things as they once were.

Anxiety does not have to have me this day, I can make the conscious choice, even if it is minute by minute…to let it go!

Keeping my eyes on the could have, should have and would haves will rob my joy in an instant.

Instead I will keep my eyes on this…. He knows my future and that is enough!

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