Lights, Camera , Action!

My good friend and I are at the Joyce Meyers conference this weekend. It has been a great joy to be involved with wonderful praise and worship with others and to hear a speaker that has blessed my walk greatly over the years. MUCH word has been shared, along with the grace of Jesus. The title this week was ” I am okay, and I am on my way. This sums up my life over the last year, regardless, of each situation, I AM okay, and I am on my way to the greatness in store for me.

Well, I did not put two and two together, but at Joyce Meyers conferences, there is a BIG camera on a boom that looks over the audience, because her conferences are then televised. I did not mind the big camera too much, even though there are rumors that cameras add ten pounds. For the most part I forgot the camera all together, but I would look at that camera if I wanted to itch my nose or shift in my seat or something completely embarrassing to make sure it wasn’t pointed at me, and forgot it the rest of the time.

Then at the end of the evening after shifting, scratching my nose and making ‘modest’ lady like adjustments, I look over and right on me is a small camera that the whole time was moving all over the audience and I didn’t see it! It was right on me as I was making some adjustments….So let me say right now, Joyce Meyers, if you find this awkward looking dark haired thirty something year old, looking down to make sure I was covered and  adjusting my shirt, yah, well, it could have been me! 

This moment made me laugh at myself, as embarrassing moments often do, and I realized, I had my eye on the ‘big’ camera, often like I do in life, I have my eye on the ‘big’ picture.

So much so that when I have a vision or a dream and I want to succeed, I may get discouraged, looking at that BIG picture and it not happening as quickly as I want it to. Or when the BIG problems mount up for a moment they are all I see. So focused am I on the big thing, that I miss all the little spectacular things going on around me day by day. There are many good things that I should be thinking on. 

I must take time to see ALL the work about me that He has done. All the moments that I CAN rejoice. Even if I have not reached my destination and obstacles come in my way over and over, He is always at work and doing great things in my life.

Sometimes those ‘little’ things turn out to be even more significant in reaching the dream He placed in us anyway. That ‘little’ camera may be the one that captures my laughter and joy in the teaching rather than the BIG camera. It is important we do not get so focused on our obtaining that which is in our heart, that we ‘miss’ the other good stuff. In this case I am not quite sure if the cameras captured my smiles and pure joy or my awkward moments, but it doesn’t matter, He is GOOD no matter what the focus was 🙂


Challenge this day my friends: Don’t get lost in your moments with tunnel vision only seeing the dream, the good or the bad, but instead be observant seeing ALL that He has done. For HE IS GOOD!!!


Philippians 4:8-

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

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