What am I doing here?

So what is it exactly I am doing here? What is my goal and expectation from blogging?

This past two years have been a battle. I could easily sink into despair at the thought of another day of pain. The economy has hit our family just as well as most others. We are no different and honestly have it better than many. However these changes have been hard to swallow.

We have lost medical insurance at the time of costly diagnosis, and an illness has left me unavailable for friends in my life and one by one they have disappeared. We had lost a third of our income and lived on credit cards adding to our medical debts. I have taken on a full time job that I am finding to be much more strenuous than I originally thought, leaving me tired and worn for my own family.

And while it may look like grumbling and groaning at first glance my writing isn’t about the situation we are in or have been in but it is a look at what I see in my future.  I see the smiles and the joys and the hand of God moving in our favor despite what my circumstances say.

I do not pretend to have all the answers and I do not find my opinions or experiences to be any more valuable than any others. I humbly offer myself for what ever it is worth to bring a prospective on situations that may have been overlooked or dare I say even shared.

I am here to offer hope not only to others in a time of frustration or hurt or pain, but as selfish as it may be,  to myself and my family as well. No matter what our circumstance I know that there is room for change. In the midst of sorrow there is a glimmer of hope. If we stop and pay attention and look for it we can find it.

If I can look into the faces of children that have suffered great tragedy far more damaging than anything I have ever come across and still see a smile grazing their lips, then I clearly see that there can be hope. There can be joy despite pain. I can base these facts not only on the word of God which I believe and base my life on but also the cycle of change and growth that  I see with my own eyes in the natural scheme of things.

There will always be a spring after the dark winter days. And while the season we are in may be dismal and your season may be far worse than mine and you see it not possibly getting any worse, we can rest assured that it will end.

As I look at the new buds on the trees, the flowers poking their heads above the hard and still frost covered ground I am reassured; Just as spring will always return, out of the dying broken heart there will come a new joy once again, if we let it.

In the waiting time of your season I pray that I am used to bring a smile to your lips, a hope to your heart. May it be a moment of sunshine on your tired face as you wait for the storm to be over.

For I am believing this very thing my friend; your season of pain will come to an end.

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