Liar Liar house on FIRE

So this past week I had a mile long lists of things going wrong. Every which way I turned was a new mountain to climb. I even wrote a song about mountains getting out of my way, to bare my heart to God that with Him I can overcome these things.

Well one of the most significant happenings, was when miss fixit ( I am not) tried to tighten screws on her dryer and caused a house fire in the process.

Immediately I knew to pull out the fire extinguisher. The mess from the fire extinguisher pushed me out of the room ( because I was too close and the powder went in my face).

I noticed there was still a spark and called the fire department.

We immediately went outside and sat watching the smoke come from the laundry room. It was not a lot of smoke yet, I knew we took all the steps we could and trusted.

Well the fire department Got the fire out. I returned to the laundry room, and thank God there was only some scorching, a ruined dryer and clothes that needed a good washing (or two).

However, this experience was scary. The fire chief told me if I had touched the dryer, because of the way the dryer had severed the electrical with my mad fixit skills,  I could have been electrocuted to death.

Still, with this experience, I had joy. I had great joy seeing how God had his hand in our protection. Also, a great joy that He could use this situation to speak to my heart new things, or rather old things in a deeper way.

Let us look at a small house fire like sin.

I began to see sin as fire. Which is convenient since I believe that is exactly where a life without Jesus leads.

There are many variety of sins. Sin is sin in God’s eyes, yet, depending on the bondage of sin that I am in, the consequences and mess to follow varies.

Just like a small house fire, the smoke can push me out, but I got right back into the house. We did not need to go to great lengths to restore.  However, while that fire was smoldering and cooking, we could not go in.

When we have even small areas of sin in our life, sin that is not a stronghold but a ‘moment’. We are still pushed back from the father. There is still a blockage in our way of obtaining all that He has for us.

When we have strongholds in our lives. Sin that we live in day to day, with no thought that it has consumed us and become our very being. This sin is like a raging house fire. A fire so huge that there needs to be an overhaul before we can be back in fellowship with the Lord. A laying down and sacrifice and turning away, not just from the sin but the lifestyle as well.

Sin is sin in the Father’s eyes. But the consequences vary. If I have a raging house fire there is no way I can touch all the gifts inside my home that the Lord had waiting for me.

But all sin, pushes us back away from the Good things of the Father.  I have so many Christian friends that daily walk in their habits and ways with no thought of how they may be missing out on the many things the Lord has for them.

I have seen in my own life, the fires that I have had to extinguish in order for the Lord to take me deeper in my walk with Him. I had to allow the path to be clear to take those steps to move forward.

I daily struggle, but my eyes have been opened in a new way.

I am truly am aware of the fires now, not allowing them to hide and smoldering in the background, but gaining victory before all is destroyed.

This brings me joy.

Beware…sweet doesn’t always mean good!

The recent stint of food poisoning for my friend from food that was absolutely wonderful tasting, led me to a lesson for the youth kids at my home.

We used marshmallows, soft, white, sweet marshmallows to represent sin. ( I wanted to use bubblegum but didn’t have that on hand)
Then we had to keep placing marshmallows in our mouths and try to say, Jesus is Lord. As each sin was crammed into the mouth, it was harder and harder to say Jesus is Lord.

Sometimes sin in our lives can seem so right, and be sweet for the moment: we can gossip with the excuse that we are lifting a sister in prayer, or we can serve the church ministry while neglecting our family at home, or we can shout praises in church and then slander our boss or family member because they made us mad, and we can call it righteous indignation.

We can mistakenly place sin in our mouth over and over and our walk becomes messy and sticky. The bitterness settles in and what once tasted sweet, no longer is. The more that the bitterness, and the root of sin buries in our heart, the harder it is to walk in Joy or sing the praises of Jesus. We can get in the trap without realizing it, but when conviction stirs in our hearts we need to recognize it and turn it over to the Lord. When sin is left in the heart, our life and walk reflect it. The word says we will be known by our fruit.

People notice when you gossip, people notice when you slander. It may not be apparent right away but will make you sick in the end spiritually if you keep walking in it.

We all sin and every one falls short of the glory of God. There is grace that covers that sin as we repent and turn away we have the VICTORY over that sin. As we walk closer to the father, the sin won’t seem so sweet anymore but foul or even off as it is on our lips, the conviction will come and we will hopefully pursue truly good things, that are ALL HIM.

Challenge this day my friend: Self examination; is there an area you may have felt conviction and you have slowly still ate from the wrong food? It is time to give it up and walk in your true victory in pursuit of Him.

Romans 6:13-14

 Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness.

 For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.

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