Thank You

 I get so disgusted when I am out and about shopping and standing in line I notice the people around me are in so much of a hurry, that they do not stop to thank anyone. I hear from one say, “thank you and have a good day” and there is silence as a response. It is so sad that I feel like apologizing and shouting out THANK YOU to the person that was left without that little blessing of feeling appreciated.

 Thank You! Two simple words can mean and do so much. When you thank the service worker with a genuine heart, you sow a seed of joy. When you thank your parent, friend, teacher, child or spouse for all they are and do, you sow a seed of joy. When you stop and take the time to say two words to our Lord for what He has done, you sow a seed of joy. Often the seed of joy may be in the receivers heart, but mostly a grateful heart sows a seed of joy in your life.

 Having a thankful heart keeps you focused on the good in your life rather than the troubles that may be stirring. When you share a thankful heart you give an opportunity for another to experience a seedling of joy. Take time to stop and be thankful this day.

 I have seen a quote on Facebook before, I apologize as I do not know the author of it; ” what if you only woke up today with what you thanked God for yesterday?”   

 This gives us a pause to really think. Have we walked around with a thankful heart? Have we walked around with the goodness of knowing even in our worst circumstances there is always ‘something’ to be thankful for?

 Let’s start simple; thank you for this breath! Thank you for a new day! Thank you for the sun that will shine and bring life and for the stars that hang in the sky at night. Thank you that this day I can say, thank you within my heart and that I will be grateful not now but always.

 It is time to be thankful afresh. It is time to remember all things, you can be thankful for, and you can spread a little joy!


 Challenge this day my friend: List your own simple things to be thankful for. Come up with at least one to think upon. Make sure you share a thankful heart with someone else.

 Psalm 107:1-

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.



Wake UP!

Listening to the annoying alarm clock sounds, I am reminded how important it is to wake up. With the constant buzzing in my ear, I desire to hit the snooze button of life often.

It is so tempting when life is at its most stressful and I am hurting emotionally or physically, to turn the snooze button on over and over again. Some symptoms in the midst of depression are; no motivation and wanting to sleep all the time, in essence, to slumber.

I know I just mentioned rest in my previous post. Let me assure you that finding a quiet moment to meditate and refresh your heart, is different from living in a life in constant snooze mode. Being inactive for no purpose is not going to be productive to you.

When battling depression or seeking a joy filled life we can not afford shutting our mind and emotions off to the life around us. We can not let our days to be stolen with a slumber of inactivity. Even though we ‘feel’ we have no motivation, or we may ‘feel’ our vision is gone, it does not mean that is reality. Sometimes the very action of being awake and pressing forward is enough to break the cycle. Each day that we strive for better and strive for more in our life makes it easier and easier to become our normal rather than our great effort.

I encourage you , embrace the new dawn. Wake up with a purpose to simply not let your day be stolen. Find a dream, a vision, or an activity that needs done and go boldly with the fact that you woke up and you can do it.

Challenge this day my friend: Start fresh and rejuvenate that which we once gave up on. Do not slumber, sleeping our lives away.

Proverbs 6: 10-11

A little sleep,

A little slumber,

A little folding of hands to rest-

and poverty will come upon you like a thief

and scarcity like an armed man.


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