Sing a new song

I am called to sing. I was the eight year old that would write songs and record them on my little boom box, completely oblivious to how it actually sounded once recorded. My aunt taught me how to sing to a music track so I could sing in church. My parents bought me a karaoke machine one year for Christmas and I wore the machine out. My heart experiences joy in singing a new song, a fresh song of what is on my heart for the day.

When I was 15 there was a pastor that had a message titled ‘sing baby sing’. I have never forgotten that message. Singing in all situations at all times, sing through it. Song changes the atmosphere, changes the frustration, and changes your flesh reaction to the moments you are going through.

I do know there are many out there that hate to sing. But the experience of expressing a song of thankfulness, joy, praise and hope will  eventually bring  a more natural reaction of praise when you are in situations that you wish to do without. Practicing praise will bring it bubbling in your heart. Even if the song is expressed simply by speaking the words, writing them down or a whisper; rejoice, praise and lift of the name of Jesus with a new song  that comes from you.

There is something amazing about  letting go of the self and letting loose and belting out a joy. I will sometimes start with a thank you or if I don’t know where to start in the moment I will  repeat the psalms. Focusing on a joyous song completely takes my eyes off of the situations I am in and puts a joy to my day…. regardless.

I have learned also the importance of writing these fresh songs down. It doesn’t matter how simple, or if it is only one line. Sometimes the rest of the song will come later. Sometimes the one lines are only going to be one line, but in the times of sorrow or heartache it is a joy to look back and read moments of joy that were written down.

Challenge this day my friend: Start with a step. Sing a simple song and don’t focus on how it sounds, just let loose and the words to take root. Sing a joy, a thank you, hopes or what you wish to see as an outcome of your situation. Sing a new song. Go on, I dare you , sing!

Psalm 33:3-

Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully and shout for joy.

Enjoy each moment

My sweet friend enjoyed the movement of her children within her. She thrilled at the ultrasounds and their tiny little heartbeats. She had waited a long time for this and now they were here in her womb, developing and pleasing their mommies heart with the expectation of their arrival.

The day came for the twin boys to be born. Sadly they arrived too early for the hospital to take any measure to help them. They lived and breathed for almost two hours. Mother and Father got to hold them, and the blessing of taking pictures of them, but in the end the boys did not get to experience life on this earth for more than that moment.

My friends heart is aching in ways I could never possibly describe. She will go through her grief and cry out to the God of all creation and ask why.

I am left remembering that pure joy on her face with the news she truly was expecting. The joy when she placed her hand on her stomach and talked about her plans.

I know my friend was a wonderful loving mama to these boys. I know if she chooses to have more children she will be wonderful with them. I also know that even though the loss is so heavy, she values these little boys that she lost.

There is bitter sweetness to the moments of pregnancy that she had. She felt them move, she experienced the growth of these boys, she heard their heart beat and saw their faces on the ultrasound. She enjoyed each moment that she had them, even though her time was far far too short.

I have learned from standing on the outside of this experience that I have treasures in my life that I did not realize and I was taking for granted. Even though I hurt at moments in my  life, I need to look at the joys in those moments. I need to always rejoice, always pray and always give thanks; I need to make sure I recognize some moments in life it will be easier than others to do so.

Challenge this day my friend: I encourage you to enjoy each moment with these treasures that you have. Each moment is precious and may not last as long as we wish and it is in the times of grief you want to be able to look back on the joys.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.



It is time to make things tasty

I am working on controlling my tongue, anger, lonliness, self and depression. I am working on changing myself for the benefit of the Kingdom and those around me. I desire to walk in blessing rather than the curse of selfishness. In these character transformation moments, there are times I try to stamp down something that is ingrained in me.

I am finding in self discovery that there are areas in my personality that at times I want to stifle or erase from my being because I find it embarrassing or less than perfect. Very characteristics that God himself has placed inside of me that I am to cultivate, not disintegrate.

We are called to be the salt of the earth. I am to flavor the earth in just the way that GOd created me to. I have shared with a friend in the past that a thought struck me, there are many kinds of salt; sea salt, garlic salt, iodized salt, seasoning salt, or rock salt just to name a few.

We are to be flavorful and to season this earth with goodness. We are to not lose our flavor. But we can be original to our own design. He creates many flavors and personalities for His purpose. While I encourage myself to change for the Kingdom glory, I need to be mindful to not change the flavor he has made me. It is time I make the world around me tasty in the only way that I was created to do. I will NOT lose my saltiness.

Challenge this day my friend:  Discover your own original gifts and share them with the world, not losing your flavor but sprinkling all you come in contact with the Lords goodness. Do not stamp out what He has placed in you that is unique only to you.

Matthew 5:13-

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt looses it’s saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.


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