An old memory…. Childhood Joys

The sun shines bright. My spirit perks up a bit just to have the glorious light beam across my face and the warmth hits deep!

I am taken back to childhood days. Days that were complete bliss in the midst of the most simplest moments. Memories flood back  of blowing sticky bubbles, drawing in sand with my fingers,

picking dandelions as a prize for my mommy, imagining I am the princess dancing in the kingdom, running in green grass with bare feet and how the grass stained the bottom of my toes, and moments of laying on the ground in fits of giggles when my friends and I were exhausted from our games.

This is the kind of pure simple joy that I am trusting for daily. My joys do not come from my circumstances or the amount of money I put into an experience, but just by having the experience. Joys that come from simply living. Joys from spending time with the one that loves me most and encourages me to have the heart of a child.

To have joy, simply because I have the right to. I can still dance, sing, clap, laugh, be silly and simply just be me.

I AM a princess. I AM a daughter of a king. One that does not have to give up the childlike presence in my heart. I am encouraged to be as a child. To laugh and have joy, to look at all the blessings as sweet gifts. To look at a bird flying in the blue skies with awe anew. I have the ability to look at the awesome gifts the creator has given me with fresh eyes and wonderment. I can stop taking the world around me for granted. He has given me a beautiful picture to wake up to daily…. life.

Challenge this day my friends: Take time each day to walk in childlike joy. Stop and look at things in your life with wonderment. Have that childlike faith that the things you need to change will. That you still CAN be anything He created you to be! Walk with you eyes forward and face what you must, but remember, there is joy in simple things!

Matthew 19:14

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.

Green eggs and ham… literally

My father was very active in my life growing up. He took me to Blue Birds, trick or treating and allowed me to dance o his toes. One Saturday morning he made our breakfast like he often did, and he set the plate before me.

He had a huge grin on his face as he waited expectantly for my glee. I looked at that plate and cried. My father in his creative genius and love for me, made me green eggs and ham. I hated the color green and as I looked at the green glob of eggs on my plate, my emotions overwhelmed me, not at his love but the thought that I was hungry and how could I eat these green things.

I look back now as a parent and think with great joy what an awesome father I had to take the time to make something special for me. He knew I loved the story of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

I am reflecting on this gift and wondering… how many times do I look at the gifts the Lord has set before me with disdain or sadness rather than the gratitude and joy that should be in my heart.

How often does He place gifts and I don’t even recognize them for what the are?

I still do this today with my own husband. He will go out of his way to do things for me and I just take them for granted or do not appreciate the way he does them. Instead I am looking at the way  I would do it, or he should do it. What kind of gifts am I throwing away every day?

In the bible, often God would give His people gifts and they would complain, or not see them as they were.

Some of the gifts I have overlooked from the Lord are:

The gift of time: Instead of rejoicing that our basic need was met in layoff time for my husband, I fretted and worried about where the next job would be. Instead of enjoying each moment with my boys I focused on their tomorrows far too often than I should have. Rather than enjoying my moment with loved ones I fretted about their leaving more than just enjoying the moment.

The gift of peace: I overlook the peace in my life often. I have to remind myself that the Lord grants peace to my heart and that anxiety or worry leads to depression. I have to not overlook this gift He has given to me. He causes the calmness in the sea of life that only He can provide.

The gift of needs: Often when I look at our life situation, I have focused on all my wants and they seem to fall short. Yet, when I look at my needs, He truly does meet them. Not in a way I think they should line up but He meets my need nonetheless.

I am so truly thankful that God is a Father that bestows gifts to His children. I want to keep my heart and eyes wide open in thankfulness as I see the work of His hands for what they are. He desires to give me gifts, to do the work ahead of me so that I may  enjoy great things. I do not wish to complain or look at those gifts with disappointment because of my immaturity in Him,  but rather with grown up insight.

These are just a few simple areas that I overlook and I am sure there are so so many more! What gift can you be thankful for that maybe you overlooked?


Years ago, and many years after, I began to believe the lie that my gifts were not adequate enough, or the things the Lord has called me into I am ill-equipped.

So I usually, stand in the background, knowing full well that I have something before me but I sit and ignore it. Or others have been used to tear me down, so that when I share my heart, they discouraged rather than encouraged.

I read a book once, about a woman who was ill-equipped in her own eyes. She was asked to lead a small choir and had no ‘formal’ training. She had musical background in her family, but such a task she had never taken on before. She allowed God to use her gift and ability in the moment. This woman went on to lead the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!

Look at the story of Moses. He was inadequate in his thinking. He asked God to use another and God said, you are the one.

I am not claiming that I will go on to do extraordinary things in such a way, only that I will do what the Lord has laid out for me to accomplish. I am claiming that I am not going to let fear hold me back from stepping out into uncharted territories.

So often we let the assumptions of what we think the outcome will be, stop us from seeing what the outcome really is.

There was a day that I was anxious about driving even to the beach, because my fog and fatigue will take over. The beach for me is about an hour away. Then one day God stirred up in me to take the van and go… to Idaho. This location was a 10 hour drive!
At first I asked the Lord, ” Is this really you? Can you be calling me to do this? I can’t! ”

But the stirring in my spirit would not cease and their was a treasured friend at the end of the long drive waiting. I surprised this friend and I obeyed the Lord. Little did I know the friend had been crying out to God for someone to come.

I shutter to think  that if I would have taken my inadequacy and let that be my leading rather than the Holy Spirit, a need only I could fill would have been unmet. Anyone could have come along and met this friends cry, but God had instilled the gifts that are unique only to me, to show His love.

Not only did she see the miracle of Him answering her cry, but by sending someone to go so far that struggled with driving, we both saw the miracle of Him sustaining me. The joy that greeted the end of the road and the first step to see God’s miracle of healing in my life because of the link to obedience.

God can not do a work within us in a miraculous way, if we allow ourselves to stand in the way of the work. If we tell Him, “no”,  each time He has an opportunity to work through us, we will not see how His strength can be more than enough in our areas of weakness.

Boldly go forth and step out in faith in the areas He has called you!


I will look to Him for my strength and say YES I WILL!

Sucky Socks

I have had this one on my heart for some time, I don’t know why I have waited, but there is something about timing and this is the time for me to reflect and get out of my comfort zone.

An opportunity is about to present itself to me, and I must step out even if everything (skills, money, health or time ) are not lined up.

I am the proverbial Princess and the Pea when it comes to sleeping at night. I am a very light sleeper and everything that could bother me does. Over the years, I have learned what needs to be in place for me to sleep well.

I must have earplugs, to block out snoring. I must wear pajamas, and they must cover every part of my skin snugly, leaving no gaps. I must have a pillow under my head, in front of me and behind me, and I must sleep on my side, most often the right. Lastly but probably most importantly, I must have socks on. Not any socks mind you, they need to be snug with no looseness about them at all. Any shifting or slipping and I wake up continually, all night long.

Some nights when I don’t sleep, I contribute it to the fact that all I could find was sucky socks.

I must make it a point that my non sucky socks are matched and ready for sleep.

This crazy sleep pattern has me reflecting on the fact that often, I am a kind of gal that waits for everything to be in perfect alignment before I go for it. While I believe there is preparation and perfect timing for all things, I realized that sometimes waiting for perfect, leaves me missing out when conditions are not ‘just so’. Waiting for perfect, leaves me missing out on the dream.

Sometimes, stepping out in faith, is stepping out of the comfort zone, stepping into the not completely prepared platform and attempting greatness, even when I can’t comprehend how it will come about.

Finances will tell me I can’t do Christmas for the kids, only having written 20 articles would have me believing I am not ready to step into longer assignments, waking up sore and achy would have me not following through on parties, church, school functions and family events. I must get out of the routine that everything has to be perfect. When I have gotten beyond what I perceive, I am extremely blessed every time!

I will take what I have, and where I am at and step out in faith. I will not let the sucky socks of my circumstances stand in my way!

Exodus 4:10-

Moses said to the LORD, “O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

God shoes

I was reading past posts on an old blog site when I came across a blog that reminded me HOW MUCH my Lord cares for me and every detail of my person. He created me uniquely and I am only called to do that which he has before me.
( From my old blog site ) I am a worshiper at heart. You could never remove my awe and attachment to the Lord. I am in utter adoration of His awesomeness. I had begun expressing worship to Him in dance timidly; a tap here, a clap there.
Now hands in the air, spinning, jumping, feet moving in pure joy I understand the complete unabashed freedom in worshiping the Lord as David. However I try to stay fully clothed only the shoes coming off on the very wild occasions unlike David who danced naked in the streets.
This brings me the importance to my special shoes the Lord hand crafted for me to have.
One night I had a dream, in this dream God called me to dance and I had on special shoes. They were unique and so vivid in my dream I wanted those shoes when I woke up.
Alas these were not shoes I had ever seen before or could pick up at the local shoe store.
That very day my mother in law and I went shopping in the downtown stores. When I entered the clearance section of  a store I had never entered before, there were THE shoes. Now pay attention to this, they were not similar shoes, they were identical. They were unique, never like anything I had seen besides my dream and there was only ONE pair on the shelf and in MY size. They were ballet type flats, teal, with shiny sequences on them. They were the very same shoe as my dream and I had the exact cash for them from Red Berry Boutique.
I do not wear these shoes often even though I love the uniqueness of them and that the Lord revealed them to me before I ever laid eyes on them. I do not want to ruin them.
But in finding these shoes when I wasn’t really even looking, God was doing something in me. Showing me that I am valued, that I am loved, that He recognizes my heart for worship and is calling me to dance. It was like a physical, hand-picked gift from God.
Since this time I have been told many times to dance for the Lord as I struggle in life issues. The joy always bubbles forth as I take the time and worship the Lord in this way.
Fullness of joy is His plan for our lives and dancing is a tool that I intend to use. I will not worry about opinion of man, or how foolish I may look. I will dance, and I will sing and I will be thankful for the shoes the Lord has placed on my feet, stepping in to my position as His worshiper.
As I read thold blog;  I was reminded today that God can reach His children personally. He desires the relationship with us and has things for us as individuals. We don’t have to ‘work’ for our relationship with Him. We only have to trust and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior. Like any relationship it will grow as you spend time with Him. He cares about every detail, even the little things!
How He loves us is not measurable by mere words. It is simply GOD. He wants us to wear the shoes He has for us and for us to walk boldly in His path! Confident that HE has equipped us!
Challenge this day friend: Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you in new ways. Do not be so wrapped up in the events of your day and the world around us that we forget to spend time with the one that created and loves us! Place your feet in your GOD shoes and pursue His passions for you.
Psalm 42:1-
As the deer pants for the water brook, so my soul pants after you, God
(World English Bible)

Unlocking the treasure chests

Okay I admit it, I am a closet Zelda fan. I stay away from video games mostly, because once I start them I become slightly obsessive until I complete them. Sadly I stink at handling the controllers and it can take me forever to finish playing the games.

This most recent stint of obsessive game playing left me with a life lesson.

As my character was running all over the screen, while I was trying to figure out how to follow the map, I noticed there were big rocks or walls that needed to be blown up. When you blow these up, you open a cave, and in the cave sits a treasure chest. You want to open these treasure chests because they aid in your game progress in some way or another.

I started reflecting on the rocks and walls that I have placed in front of my own treasure chests in life.

When I am hurt by someone over and over, I will often build up a wall. I often try to cut off any effect they have had in my life and forget them completely. But in reality, behind those walls that I put up,  these people had left treasures in my life. Whether it be joy, wisdom, insight, patience, encouragement or companionship, these people blessed me for a moment. No matter what the hurtful thing was, there was treasure from the moments that these people were in my life. I can’t wall it all up completely or I miss out on learning from whatever the point was in the season.

One key to having true joy, is to allow others to bless your life. To open these treasures and to appreciate them. I want to choose to focus on the blessings and not the hurt or just wall these valuable people up just because they had hurt me.

Also while treasure hunting with Zelda, I was reflecting on all the gifts the Lord has given me. I often find myself comparing my gifts and talents  to the abilities of others. There are so many that are much more talented at painting, singing, dancing, writing and all the other activities I try my hand at, than I am. When I begin to compare, I will want to hide my abilities out of fear or pride. I let ‘feelings’ get  in my way and then  I will place a wall up and hide my treasure.

The Lord gives us our talents and gifts to bless others and ourselves. He gives us our natural abilities and it is up to us to cultivate them to be better and to use what we do have.  Often it is in the using of your gift that is part of your treasure. A treasure does no good to sit and not be used. I may be a mediocre but using my gift brings joy. I can not compare, for it is my treasure and I must use it.

So I encourage you this day my friend, evaluate and find, what are your treasures and how have you walled them up? And then I challenge you, blow up the walls that are standing in your way(figuratively of course)  and unlock the treasure chests.

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