A tangled mess

When a fisherman casts his pole and he doesn’t stop the line quick enough, the whole line can backlash and he is left with a tangled mess, my dad called it a bird’s nest.

It reminds me of casting my cares to the Lord, I send them out there and if I do not stop my mind on HIM, just as if I was to stop the line where it needs to be in the water, we can be left with a tangled mess.

When I am struggling in life with all the many thoughts that may try to steal my joy, I can cast them to the Lord, but if I don’t stop and let them dwell with Him, I will be consumed with the nest in front of me that was created by dwelling on the trials. I am told to cast ALL my cares and burdens onto the Lord. Stop, leave it there.

Yet there were times I didn’t stop. I set that burden out there to the Lord but I didn’t let it rest on him…. I kept dwelling on it. I let that line of thought begin to turn negative, then my joy was depleated, I turned angry, I was short with those around me and it was just a nasty tangled mess.

My emotions, when I am left with my tangled disaster in front of me, are now the only thing I will focus on. The situation has fully taken over, and here I am left with a mound of line, trying to untangle one section at a time, trying to sort it all out and fix it, but it is overwhelming to look at ! Then I hear God so clearly saying, “JUST CUT IT OFF!”

I do not have to try to pull each and every tangle out. I don’t have to try to fix every mess that my thoughts created. I can cut off those negative thoughts, stringing the line of connection to my Jesus. Recast the burden to Him and STOP. Stop right there, the burden goes to Him, I can let the line sit and rest until “WAM” I am reeling in the victory He had for me on the other end of that line.  While I waited on Him, He was just and faithful to give me my peace.

Just a thought for today. My mind is so consumed with this image, I am not sure the words conveyed it well. But I wanted to get the words down for now and I will revisit to see if a rewrite will be necessary.

Blessings my friends~
Remember….Cast your cares and burdens onto the Lord.

(KJV) 1 Peter 5:7- Casting all Your cares upon Him for He careth for you.

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