Being real…an open apology

Some time ago, I had written a blog post that made another hurt and angry.
While my heart wasn’t to be malice or hurtful, I had no idea how my words would come across to a hurting mother.

When I had fostered a couple years ago. I had posted how giving up my plans and letting the Lords will for my life was leaving me blessed in many ways as a foster parent. I was not trying to boast, I was not wanting to gloat. But truly wanted to express how in ALL seasons I am blessed. I have always wanted my blog to be about the snippets of joy in my life. While the situation wasn’t the best, I could look at those beautiful faces and see the joy they were giving my small family. I forgot to think about the heart of the mother and father.

I am completely and honestly ashamed that I missed such a very big thing. I only saw the impact those little ones had on my life and not the missing them had on their parents. I truly did not plan on adopting or keeping them any longer than the parents needed to get stronger. BUT it was not my place, hind site to even blog about such a personal matter. I did not think through, that anyone other than strangers to this family, would see my blog. They did, and this family was hurt. In essence I can now see how my blog became a forum of gossip. I wasn’t trying to do that. I truly was blogging about the changes the Lord had brought about in my life.

My perspective, a wife and mother that had been previously bed ridden in years past…strong enough to take on the needs of twins. This was a testimony of the work the Lord had done. I see now, that while yes, God did amazing things in my health and gave me a joy of fostering for a season, I could have been mindful of the hearts and experiences of others. I could have looked beyond my own lenses.

While I don’t look for relationship, I do pray that the ones hurt have peace in their own hearts and that their anger can be healed. They can know I am truly truly sorry. I was wrong and will try to make sure that I look with a broader view in my future!!! I was self absorbed and not what I should be.


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