Remember when…

It is so easy to be distracted with all the trials and troubles that we face. Those obstacles can be all-encompassing and consuming. The hill we climb seems to grow larger and more difficult with each step, rather than gaining ground, it looks as if we haven’t even begun.

How often when I am full of anxiety and frustration over a situation do I stop and remember how far I have come? What has God already done in my life? Where are those other victories? The mountains I once climbed and conquered that are no more, need to be remembered!

Those testimonies of remember when God did it here, or there and everywhere, are exactly what carry us up those next hills and onto victory.

There was a prayer that was buried deep in my heart three years ago. I cried over and over for this one area, pleading with God to hear me. Other obstacles came up, other battles of my own were in front of me and I let go of that burden I had for another from time to time. But now years later, I am seeing snippets  of God’s victory. Promises made are coming true and I see how much God has done.

Today I face a new battle, yet God says, “remember when?”.  ” Do you remember how I have moved in your life and in the life of others that you have prayed for?” ” Do you not see the work that I have done and have confidence that I will always be at work in your life?”

To which my only response can be, “YES LORD, I DO !”  I do remember when He healed my son of horrible PTSD. I do remember when He restored my husband’s job. I do remember how He met me in the deepest depression and taught me how to live life with the fullness of joy! I do remember how He miraculously had intervened time and time again! I will not forget His faithfulness. I will trust that every good work He has begun, He will continue. Though the flesh may try to rise up with anxiety, I will speak out the truths of WHO HE IS.

God has not given us a spirit of fear. God did not create us to be failures. God is ALIVE and living and moving within my life and yours and you can do ALL things that He has for you to accomplish.

I ask you…… Remember when. If you have not seen a victory yet, hold on, it is coming and you can put that in your remembrance book!!!



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