The wind blows

I was driving home today after a very rough few weeks. I hurt so much some days and every virus under the sun is back in full swing in the classroom. I have new kiddo’s this season and they are YOUNG three-year olds, so this means much more of my energy is being used physically as they learn the classroom and need assistance.

I was fatigued as I drove along, but ahead of me I saw a display of clouds that the sun was hitting. At first it was just clouds, but as I saw the wind blowing them, there appeared very distinctive images. The first was a bunny that was followed by a bear. This drew my attention. The sun was hitting just right to highlight each picture that was before me. The final picture was a child’s face and a perfect angel, giving a kiss. I  kid you not! These were perfect, clear pictures in the clouds. If I wasn’t driving I would have taken pictures!!

Then it hit me. In the beginning there was nothing, then each image became more and more detailed as the wind blew. Giving a hear lifting moment as I saw that angel kiss.

The winds blow in our life, it is hard when we are walking against those winds. We are being blown to and fro. But there is a perfect work being done in us!

As tough as my work may be, each day I grow closer and closer to my students. I see areas that I can help them become more independent and I can take those challenging days and turn them into something beautiful. My creativity flows from their energy and interests and sometimes the winds blowing, are exactly what I need to be blown into the right direction.

Trials and struggles in our life can be used to put us in the right position. To grow stronger as we withstand those winds blowing.

A scripture given to me today that ties in perfectly! How amazing is He!?!

Philippians 1:6

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

He will use those winds that blow, just as He lifts the wings of His eagles and supports them, carrying them where they need to be. He will complete the work he has begun in me! Placing me just where I need to be. Yes Lord! I am ready!!!

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