Take that step!!

Holding onto the newly turned one year old’s hand, he was taking strong and steady steps.
I would work with him for a while as he would smile boldly and take step after step around the room. I would begin to loosen my grip and his smile would fade. His sights on what he was heading towards with excitement, had shifted and he was looking for anything to hold onto and instead of his brilliant smile, there was a look of fear. He had the ability, he had the strength, he had the interest, yet he still would not take those steps. He would sit down without my hand, over and over. He could do it, but he didn’t want to fall, so he would not try anymore, the many tumbles still fresh in his mind.

How many times do I see in my sites the very thing I desire, the very thing I am dreaming of and yet I sit? I don’t want to fall, I don’t want to be hurt and I don’t want to fail again.

I feel the nudging and the encouragement that I am ready,  I see it within my grasp, but so many times I have stumbled and been left bruised and hurting.  When will I let go of my false sense of security that is actually holding me back in the long run?

The toddler trying to walk with my hands, could only go so far as I would let him. He could not walk without my say so and if I was doing something else that day, he would have to just wait. Soon he will learn the great pleasure that walking with bold confidence will bring him.

Oh the amazing sense of joy that comes from taking those first steps into the beautiful things that the Lord has lay ahead for us. No matter what has led us to this place, we can boldly step forward and face head on the things that weight us down and hold us back. With the knowledge that the Lord gave us all that we needed to succeed. We learned to crawl, we built our muscles, we held on while we learned and now it is time to step ahead. Open up our hands freely and run to the very thing that we had been training for.

Go ahead my sweet friend, take the step. I know you can do it!!!

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