Through a child’s eyes

When it was time to say goodbye to the foster babies, I knew that I wanted to continue working with children in some capacity. However, I did not want to foster any new children yet, as my heart was still raw.

So it was time to begin a new chapter yet again and I accepted a position as a preschool teacher. This is a season that I have thoroughly and completely loved. Each day I am greeted with eager smiling faces. They are ready for whatever is planned for the day and to watch them learn and grow is such a rewarding experience. I had spent some years out of a preschool classroom and forgot how incredible these little people are on a daily basis.

The wonderful thing about working with the babies and preschool children; each and every experience is exciting and new. First time standing is EXCITING, first steps are EXCITING, going to the potty is EXCITING, finding a bug is EXCITING, the sun shining is EXCITING, a new toy in the room EXCITING, a snack they like is EXCITING, this excitement continues day in and day out with each and every new discovery or experience. I also see an excitement over their favorite stories or songs, it does not matter how many times we read or sing them, they want it again with the same energy and interest.

I have often thought, when was the last time I felt excitement with such freedom?

Do I  greet my days as mundane and just go through the motions?

I am beginning to see with fresh eyes, why God would call us to be as little children.
Looking with excitement and expectation as we face new situations, or even the same things that once brought us joy to continue bringing us joy.

When the Lord brings us little things and we exclaim with excitement YES LORD…will He not bring to our attention even more things to bring us joy? He has a whole world in front of us to discover, and to see as new. He is limitless with His creation, with His spirit, with His love for us. We just need to keep seeking with expectation and excitement as a little child does with their world around them. Lord grant me the wisdom to look with the eye’s of a child.

Everyone is a friend, everything is an experience, everyone is to be loved, hurt feelings are quickly soothed, tears are quickly wiped away a new adventure sought, no time to wallow for long. Yes Lord, I want to look with the eye’s of a child 🙂


Blessings friends




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