Help me in the now

My husband and I have had a deep desire in our heart for God to move us to a new territory. We had longed for new beginnings and asked that He stretches our horizons. As creative souls we can get rather stifled in the mundane. Dan (husband) knows the territory  that He desires. It can be painful, when you miss or long for something so much that it is tangible but none of the right doors open.

I do believe that dreams, passion and vision are essential to a productive life. However, the past few years we have both struggled with unhappiness from season to season,  simply because all we could see was where we wanted to be rather than where the Lord had us. There are so many great opportunities right before us, and we had just been blinded with tunnel vision, that we were ignoring other possibilities the Lord may have for us.

There is a danger in looking so far ahead that you miss out on living. We were ready for the plunge to move and the Lord has not chosen to take us to that place yet, so we shut in, waiting for the Lord to move.  Wanting only that which I had not yet grasped they saying goes, we thought the grass would be greener on the other side.  We would dream and plan but we were not awake to that which was already in our hands. Literally, our dreaming had been a true state of slumber, we were sleeping through life.

The truth of the matter is, I know God gives us the desires of our hearts…but I want to walk so in tuned with Him that my desire only takes me where He has designed for me to be planted and rooted.

I had to ask the Lord, please help me in the NOW ! Open doors of
opportunity here, for me to step through and give a peace in my heart for the things unseen as of yet.

The enemy wants us immobile, and he will use any tactic to get us there. Here we thought we were being healthy by dreaming and quite the opposite was happening.  It is not productive to always want something else, to stop living, to stop pursuing. It is a balance between dreaming with a vision and dwelling on that which you don’t yet grasp.

There are many ways that people do this; they wait to live for that better job, house, finances, car, relationship, education, church or health. So much so, that we miss what the Lord HAS done or IS doing and we freeze up. I don’t want to miss out any longer!

It truly is a blessing to not worry about or plan our tomorrows. To live one day at a time, pursuing Him first as He lays each gift in our path.

I do believe one day God will give us an opportunity to either be so in love with where we are now and what He is doing that it will remove this longing for another place, or He will direct our steps and we will be on the next adventure.

The truth is, I will trust that He will help me in the now!

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