Just wait for it!

So many times over the years, my husband has chomped at the bit to drum. If he is not actively involved in a project he gets antsy and beside himself.  He absolutely lives for drumming. Yet when our children were small, he was going to school in an apprenticeship program, devoting his drum time to church worship team and he had to put band drumming on the back burner for some time.

He had many opportunities over the years, but he would always check with himself if he could give that kind of commitment, check with me if I felt it was a good season and mostly check with God, asking  if it was the plan the Lord had for him.

For years my husband faithfully waited. He faithfully served his family. his church and his employer first. Every now and then he picked up a few gigs here and there with local bands.

The past few months I have felt a stirring, that there was to be a shift. I told my husband to pull his drum set out of the closet and set it up for regular use. There was a day I did not allow us to turn on t.v. or get on the computers, rather we made it a purpose to focus on our craft I then told him this was to be the new norm. I looked for a job, so that my Saturday would be full, outside of the house. giving him ample opportunity for guilt free drum time.  I did not do this because I am some super amazing woman, even though my husband likes to brag that I am *smiles*. Rather. God told me the time is now! Encourage him to pursue and pursue with freedom and his passion.

Dan got invited, to play with a band for Joshuafest. A christian music festival. This music is a challenge to be conquered and he is enjoying each moment of practice, ( well aside from that one day that nothing went right). This new season is perfect timing, the children are excited for him, they support him, he has the energy and the enthusiasm. God has nodded His head and said yes, I give this to you.

Where things will go from here I do not know. But I am reminded of the importance of putting God first, and waiting for His timing for things. Dan could have chased his tail for years and exhausted time, family and finances, with little results. Yet, he has chosen to wait on the Lord, taking only the opportunities that we both feel are God’s prompting.

This festival is only five months away and the way it came about and the line up of where we will be right when this is happening, is nothing short of God’s perfection. I do not know what that next step would be after festival for Dan, but I know that we will continue walking in the path the Lord wills for us. We will continue waiting on HIS timing, all the while pursuing our dreams as His handy work rather than our own distractions and gain.

I remember on a few occasions Dan came to me with a new band needing a drummer, and I would say. nope that isn’t it….just wait for it.

I am so, so very thankful God was faithful and we now hear ” YES, your time has come!”

So if you have a dream, spend time praying. seeking, setting up, and perfecting your skills. Put your commitments in the right order. Don’t chase after every single opportunity, as they are not ALL the perfect ones. Have discernment. and when it is time GO FOR IT! God places your dreams, skills and passions in you for HIS glory. He won’t let you down. Be ready to step out in faith… because the time will come!

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