Drama Drama Drama…..

I have noticed that many times, even when medication is adjusted, finances are going right, family is thriving, that depression still plagues some. I was pondering this just a few weeks ago. What is it that makes depression hang on, despite counseling, prayer, medication and other forms of ‘healthy’ pursuit of being depression free? Then it hit me, for some, depression is entertainment. ‘Drama’ is entertaining and ‘exciting’ for some people. In order to maintain the drama there is an onslaught of complaints, worries, anxieties, and ‘OMG’ moments.
If you are living in the drama state, no matter what you do to pursue your joy, you will not maintain it. It truly is about deciding to let it go, pick up joy DAILY and walk in it. I do know some are just designed, glass is half empty, Eeyore mentality, but the cycle can be broken. It takes work, a lot of work, but it can be done, I know!

I would never suggest getting off medication, or stop your counselling, or whatever medical pursuits you have been implementing to battle depression. But what I am suggesting is to break the never-ending cycle of drama. If horrible things keep happening, which I have been there done that, try to find thankful moments and not focus on the horrible things. It is very hard. I daily have to remind myself that I have broken this cycle, only to face the temptations again.

I had a very good friend tell me often, when he was discussing his health (he was critical), ” Now I am not going to have a pity party, it is what it is. I am alive right now!”  How that smacked me in the face, here I was complaining about not able to make the most recent bill, and he wasn’t going to complain that his health was declining to the point of saying his goodbyes!

I also had another friend tell me once, ” I don’t need everyone to know how I am truly feeling, That negative doesn’t need to be spoken out loud, or I will never feel better.” This friend was battling cancer.

You see the pattern here? They refused to focus on their situation. These two individuals were the most influential, joyful people I knew. I wanted that.

No matter how much medication you are on, or how much you pursue being joyful. If you are stuck on the negative in your life, or the drama so to speak, you will not get there. Each thing that is spoken, takes root. When you speak negative things out loud and focus on the things going wrong, it takes root in your heart. It stirs up anger, anxiety, frustration, desperation and those things lead to depression.

I understand sharing prayer requests, or being real with your friends, but don’t let it be your all. Make sure you are remember to be thankful, that your moment is not your forever and that you will not settle for defeat. I have fallen into this trap many times, when I have not spoken to my Bestie in awhile and all I do is vent. This is not healthy, this ‘drama’ to be interesting and to seek out advice, is not being life producing.  It is time to not allow ‘drama’ to be the entertainment that we seek. It will lead down a road to nowhere.

Drama mode, gives glory to the situations, and not on your victory. It puts the focus on the negative, rather than what could be, or what you do have. Drama, takes the eyes off of Jesus and what He has done. I am working on letting drama go daily and though I slip into my old routines, recognizing what I am doing, is the beginning to some new steps in this Sister’s pursuit of Joy!

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