Why settle?

My hubby and I try to make it a point to have date nights now and then. On these nights, there always comes the question, ” where do you want to eat?”

Which is immediately followed by us looking at each other and saying, “the same!”

We love one restaurant in particular in our area. The food is always amazing, the staff are kind, and we always walk away completely at ease and feeling rather spoiled.

Every now and then we will try to think of a different option for our date nights, thinking we need something new,  and then end up sadly disappointed.

There have been times we tried somewhere new and even though the food looked fantastic, it was lacking, or staff was rude and slow, rather than friendly and attentive.

I was reflecting on our last date night, and how awesome it was and ask, “why would we ever want to settle for less?

I am reminded that when we come to the Lord with our pains and our hurts, He is the perfect source. He is all we need. There is no one or anything else that can measure up. There is no reason to go running around thinking I can find better, because He is greater!

Sure there are different religions, people, money, medication, drugs, alcohol and other outlets that people may run to for healing or relationship, but ultimately these things far pale in comparison to our Jesus.
He is the best source. He is the complete source. There is no reason to go running into other directions for the release of pain, anger, confusion, hatred, or have all your needs and cares met. Jesus provided the way to all of God’s promises for His children, to live life to the full, in abundance, free from all the burdens of sin.

We may have to wait for the perfection and completion, that God has for us. Just as we have to wait for our fine chef to prepare the meal. But it will be complete, it will be perfect at just the right time. Hold on, trust and don’t settle for anything less !

It is so important with all the options we have in the culture today, that we do not fall in the trap of running after the next ‘best’ thing, or allowing sin in our life to fix the hurts that only Jesus can fix.

There are times left over root is still there festering, if we try to cut off the weeds  from the top,without dealing with things at the source. We must uproot the garbage and only God knows us well enough to know what the full need is and how to deal with them completely. He is the perfect and only true option for completeness and living life to the FULL.

2 Samuel 7:22-

“How great you are, Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.

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