I am thinking on a very aged but solid piece of wood furniture that is not valuable as an antique. It has worn and faded over the years. There are signs of all the dirt and oils that have rubbed off of the many hands touching the wood, over time. In other areas the wood is beginning to splinter. Most of the once shiny varnish has faded. This piece of furniture has aged and has been left in an unattractive state.

This same piece of wood furniture can be carefully sanded, treated, re-stained and shine beautifully as the centerpiece of the room.

With the work of hands that know exactly what they are doing, this wood can be renewed and even   be improved upon the original condition. 

This beat up , worn out and used furniture with time and work can be renewed.

Renew-  to restore to freshness, vigor or perfection

In this same way, the Lord renews me. Life throws grime at me. My flesh and ways cause me to splinter and crack (in pain), I am dull and lifeless on my own. Yet He sands away the wear, conditions my heart, and refreshes me again and again in only the way He can.

Just like this aged furniture that had been renewed, it may wear down over time, and needs a skilled and ready hand to refresh it. This is exactly what my Lord does for me. I am refreshed, I am renewed, I shine in joy as He pours out His Spirit on me.

Renew- to make new spiritually, regenerate

I boldly can say, He has done the work. It is not something I could ever possibly do for myself. He is good enough to care and to make sure that  I am ready for the work He created me for.

Renew- to restore to existence

When I feel I have faded and I have nothing left in me. He makes sure that I not only am revived but that I live, that I exist to the fullest. 

Renew me Lord, again. Refresh me and make my focus be on what you have in store and not where I had been. Wipe clean the old and apply your freshness. 




Psalm 51:10-

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.



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