Face to Face

I had never spent more than a few months away from my dad, my entire life.

March of 2012, he moved over 2,000 miles away to Tennessee. I was heartbroken. I had no income at our disposal to go visit any time soon, and often in those ten months, I longed for his hug and his laugh in person. I talked to him on the phone, but both my dad and I am not phone personalities. We chat, but our humor and ‘self’ does not shine on the phone. Daily I was reminded, how short time on this earth is, and fear would try to latch on to my days. I had to consciously remind myself, that the Lord knows our plans and I do not need to fear, I would one day see my dad face to face. 

For Christmas, my dad surprised my children, by coming for a visit! Two glorious weeks of hugs and laughter and while we are still in visiting mode, I am fervently trying not to think about his return to the airport, and our goodbyes. 

One thing that has been pressing on my heart these last 15 days of his visit, is the moment of his homecoming.

I could not sleep for two days out of excitement. I longed to see my father face to face. When I arrived at the airport, I was shaking, and tearing up at the same time. To wrap my arms around him, there were tears for us both.

This absolute joy reminded me of my longing for the return of the Lord. 

My children’s reaction was by far greater. They whooped and shouted. They jumped from their seats when we surprised them with my dad coming through the door. They had never gone their whole lives more than a few weeks without seeing him. There was definitely a measure of return of joy to our home, the minute my dad walked into the room!

The more time I spend in the word and seeking after His presence, the more I long for that face to face hug. That moment of saying… “HE HAS ARRIVED!” 

I am reminded of the song, I can only imagine by Mercy Me.

How will I respond? Will I dance? Will I shout and sing? I think I will cry. I am definitely a crier when overwhelmed with joy. 

I long for that moment, for that opportunity to see my heavenly father face to face. There will be a day, there will be a time and in that moment, I will be fully complete. 

I see the difference having a face to face encounter with my earthly daddy, oh the joy that will come with a moment with my heavenly father. I get a glimpse daily, an opportunity to be in the presence, but it is nothing compared to that moment in His glory, face to face!


Challenge this day: My friend, these times are tough, we can feel overwhelmed and even fear. I encourage you to remember press into the Lord now with your time on this earth and greatly look forward to that day you will stand in His presence, face to face. What will your reaction be?

Mark 14:62– “I am,” said Jesus. “And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.”


2 Replies to “Face to Face”

  1. what a great thought! I long for the Lord’s return as well. You are blessed to have that great relationship with your dad! That’s wonderful. I miss my parents too – I only get to see them every few years!


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