The storm stirs again,as we face even more in the days ahead and I must remember…. God is in control and He has made us stronger

Shaey anthony

It has been a wild ride in our household the last few years. I have written in the past about all the frustrating storms we have gone through. I describe these storms in our life as frustrations. Nothing in our personal experience has been as drastic as others may have gone through. Our personal storms have been more like a small earthquake with some shaking up and a bit of damage, but is eventually repaired. The loss has not been completely devastating, as so many face.

As I am reflecting back, I clearly see that these storms raise their ugly heads and stir the safety around us into a tempest mess. Each time we face one; we have thrown our quick tantrum and then come to the realization that God is still God  and is always in control and will see us through it.

Each storm that we have come through…

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  1. Just logged in to do some work. As you know, you are one of my homepage tabs at the moment. 🙂

    After reading above, I just uplifted you guys in prayer, petitioned also according to the Lord’s will, open some words for you. With great deep peace and a great moment of faith, Psalm 84 is what was opened, immediately. Even I was in awe. So cool. The Holy Spirit’s love on ya.

    Keep on truckin!



    1. Thank you so much for checking in and the prayers and encouragement. Standing on the word that has been shared! God promises a plan for my future. I must stand on that word 🙂 May you be blessed greatly~


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