The Pitch

I once posted about my friend Terry Chester and the words that he said to me that were so profound…

” I am ALIVE right now!”





Here is a link to that post…

This morning I awoke from a dream. Terry was sending me a perfect pitch. I mean PERFECT. It is the pitch that when hit at the right time, would go soaring and be that great home run. I was excited and ready for it and he had a grand smile on his face while delivering it.
Then I woke up. Today I will be heading to Terry’s memorial, so this dream had left me a little teary eyed and a with a heart to pay attention.

Even after his passing Terry is still ministering to me through the life that he lived. He didn’t sugar coat his past, but shared what he lived and learned through it.

While I laid in bed in the barely awake moment this morning, I reflected  on the times Terry has thrown out words to me that encouraged me and ministered to my heart without him even meaning to, simply because he was speaking truth as he knew it.

Terry did not hold back his thoughts and I truly had to have an ear to hear what he was saying, because at times he would say much, without realizing it even himself.

Terry was much older than I, as are many of my friends. I find the wisdom, strength and companionship of my older dear friends close to my heart to be very rewarding. They have lived and learned far more than I and they are confident in who they are, no longer worrying about impressing anyone.

This pitch that Terry threw to me in my dream was perfect for me, but I woke up without seeing if I hit it or not. I am deciding today, I will apply ‘hit’ if you will, the truths that Terry had shared in his life to me; at church, over lunch, by his bedside.

To let the profound truths whiz by me and do nothing would be a shame. I am going to pick up my bat and swing at those perfect pitches Terry had delivered with a twinkle in his eyes.  I want my HOME RUN that only the perfect pitch will produce.

Thank you Terry for being a TRUE friend and speaking your heart! You will be missed but your effect on this earth, will last many many lifetimes.

Challenge this day my friends: Find good solid friendships, that edify you, lift you up and speak good into your life and then, apply what you have learned.

Luke 6:45 (NKJV) “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

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