Pick up that tool

The other day I was watching my toddler class eat their lunch. I handed all four of them the same exact items. A plate, a spoon and a cup. I then proceeded to put food on their plates and drinks in their cups. I talked to them as we ate our lunch and then I noticed the work of their hands.

One child picked up his spoon and scooped his macaroni and cheese with it, then took his bite. Another child held his spoon in his right hand and then used his left hand to pick up his macaroni and shove it in his mouth by the fist full. A third child held her spoon with her left hand and then used her right hand to pick up one noodle, place in her spoon and then put the spoon in her mouth. Each child at that table used their spoons completely different!

Looking at these children with their spoons, I began to reflect on the fact that the Lord gives us all the tools we need, to get the job he has for us done. Sometimes He will even give us the same tools as a friend or someone else in the church. But even if I have the same tools as another, it does not mean I have developed the ability to use the tools to their fullest potential just yet. I may still be on the training ground with those tools. I find that just because I am not FULLY capable of using the giftings/tools the Lord has given to me, that does not mean I do not try to use them to the best of my ability in the process of learning.

The children that were using their spoons even though it was not the ‘correct’ way, were still using their spoons! The ability to use them accurately will come later, but not one of those children left their spoon being useless. They were trying.

Also, I realize now, the children were not busy rushing over to each other, making sure to show the way THEY use their spoon. Instead these one year olds were busy with their own work. They were not worried how anyone else was applying their tools.

Challenge this day my friend : Pick up your tools and use them. Even if you stumble at first, you will develop to your fullest potential. Just don’t let your gift sit idly by 🙂 Also, please make sure you allow others, their learning time.

1 Peter 4:10-

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace

2 Replies to “Pick up that tool”

  1. Wonderful insight Shaey. Thank you. Sometimes we lay down our tools when we feel we don’t need them anymore. It just like the Armour of God…we got to put it on everyday and the tools He has given us…we got to use everyday.


    1. That is so true, also there are times we even pick up the wrong tools and try to apply them to a work we were not meant to tend


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