Can I have a hundred dollars please

So as I was writing my last blog post, I began thinking more on the father, child relationship.

I was lucky enough to have an earthly father that would give me anything that I asked if it was in his ability to do so. Let’s suppose I walked up to my father and said, ” Can I have a hundred dollars please?” If he had it, even if it would cost him dearly, my father would give it to me if he knew I had a need.

Now, let’s suppose a stranger walked up to my father, and said, “Can I have a hundred dollars please?” Most likely my father would look them up and down, think to himself who are you? and tell them to get lost.

This is how I believe things are with the Heavenly Father when it comes to the miracles you may be seeking in your life. Now I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you do not KNOW the Father, he does not hear your prayers. If you are praying and asking and seeking, yet you have unbelief in your heart, you have not developed a relationship with Him through His son, you tend to only come to him out of a desperation, but not willing to believe in Him, you can not have results. Now if it is according to His will and you are seeking in obedience, this is when the Lord hears you. But without His word about having a relationship with Him,  sorry, you are out of luck.

Now we all are sinners, but when we come to the Lord and believe in His son and repent for our sins, then we are washed clean. Godly and in relationship.

Our prayers are not always answered immediately or exactly how we think they should be answered, but when we stand in faith as a believer we know that His will, will be done and we can rest in that truth.

My blog is to bring about hope and joy in very depressing times. So I do not say these things to be hurtful or to bring you down, but to let you know that if you are praying and not seeing results, not knowing the Father as your Lord and Savior will be a hindrance.

Challenge this day my friends: Take the important step of truly knowing the heavenly Father! Have your prayers be heard and see miracles in His name. Fellowship with your creator is such a rewarding Joy. Take my word for it, the bible tells me so 🙂

John 9:31

We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does his will.

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