My friend is an amazing baker and decorator, so one day I asked to tag along while she made a wedding cake. Little did she know, besides her amazing companionship, I was looking forward to a few scraps of her delicious cake during the creation process. I was not disappointed.

When she began, she pulled out the layers to the cake from the freezer where they were staying cool.

When the first layer was sitting on the cake plate waiting to be part of a magnificent creation, I felt it was not impressive at all. The flavors may have tasted good but you could certainly tell there was work to be done. I don’t think very many brides would be pleased for just one single non- decorative layer, as their wedding cake.Image

I watched as my friend piped icing along the edge of the layer and then pulled out some glaze  and spread the shimmering red fruit based goodness across the cake. Then she placed on top of the glaze some magnificent raspberries. I know they were magnificent because I sneaked a taste. She took another plane layer of cake and placed it on top of the now covered with berries layer of cake. Pressing the newest layer down firmly and making sure it was even she began to repeat the process of glaze and raspberries. Image

The layers completed, my friend put a smooth layer of frosting all around the cake. Using her tools to smooth it out and making sure it was completely covered. The frosting layer was so thin, I could see bits of cake showing through and I wondered for a moment if she was extremely tired and just hadn’t noticed. But she picked up the completed white cake with  raspberry filling and placed in in the refrigerator and I was not about to ask questions, she was on a mission.


My friend then brought out the smaller cakes for the second tier. These were chocolate and she repeated the layering process but with strawberry glaze and fresh strawberries. Those strawberries were equally as delicious as the raspberries. Yes I had to taste test one of the strawberries as well.


When both tiers were finished, my friend pulled the first tier out of the freezer and began to frost it. I thought, OH, now I see.

She frosted a nice smooth layer that covered the whole cake. She used warm water to smooth the frosting to make it even and remove any bubbles. The finished frosted cake was magnificent in itself. Yet she still had work to be done. On the completely frosted cake she began to etch her design.


My friend is SO talented that when it came time to pipe the decorative design on her cake, she made her own tools because hers had been left somewhere else. She used what she had on hand and piped the frosting design on the cake. I would have thrown my hands up if I was in that situation, not having a clue how to make the tools, but she has the skills to know what to do.Image

It was an incredible experience watching an artist take their craft in their hands and creating something magnificent out of something that began so simple and unimpressive. It reminds me of the way the Lord works with us. He takes us as we are and begins one layer at a time. As we allow Him to do the work in us, we become even more intricate and perfected by the skills of His hands. He has all the ability, to complete us. He doesn’t have to rely on us and our abilities,even if we don’t have all the right tools in our way of thinking, He is handy enough to use what we have to be His instruments and His work is far better than what we could ever do on our own. We just need to be willing to allow Him to do a work in us.

As I look at the layering of the fruit I am reminded of the fruits of the Spirit. How when God is at work in us and we live for Jesus, we become known by the fruit that is in us. It should be sweet and good and make a difference to the layers within us. If we are not seeing the fruit as God does His work in us, we need to be evaluating, and asking ourselves why.

As God completes the very work He begins in us, it is beautiful and perfect and you can see the work was done by the one with the skill and not something we can do on our own.


This was not the final product, but this is the final picture I was able to take. The day of the wedding my friend placed magnificent flowers on the cake. Wanting to wait until the right time, she waited for the day of the wedding so the flowers would not fall off. Just like our Lord, He does not complete the full work in us until JUST the right time. If we hurry the work, the final result will not be the same, there is prepping and timing for perfection.

Thank you Danielle, for your inspiring talent and for sharing your day with me… and letting me taste cake.

Challenge this day my friends: Allow the master creator, that knows exactly how to design all that you do  for perfection, to do the work in you. He knows your layering process, He knows what He wants to see and He is perfectly able to do the work in you. Let your fruit be sweet and bless all those around you with the fruits of the Spirit. Let the world know… yes, that one has had work done by the master.

Isaiah 64:8-

Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

Galatians 5: 22- 23

 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control.

( New International Version)

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