Who am I, really ?

 I was reflecting today on the many different persona’s and faces that we as individuals take on. 

I remember in one high school I was outgoing and energetic and happy, and then the other high school, because the atmosphere was different and the people were harsh, I went into a shell of sorts. I allowed my atmosphere to change my persona. I put on a different face and I had changed. I still was the same inside, but I was not letting those around me know who I truly was.

I then started reflecting on when a child grows in a Christian home there is a point that they have to decide on their own relationship with Jesus… they can not walk in their parents relationship with Jesus forever. There is a time of ownership and transformation of Jesus personally being a part of that child’s life.

This is a difficult season because it is often when you are discovering that people are opinionated and hurtful at times. It is these opportunities of self doubt that  people will use to destroy what God wants to do with you, if you will let them. . 

There have been seasons that I have allowed others opinions of me,  to change who I was. I would not want to put myself out for everyone to see and hurt me over and over again. But I was hiding the light that God had put in me. I had to renew my mind and not allow the world to conform me into what the world wanted me to be. 

The enemy can use all kinds of lies to make me believe it is okay to be ‘self preserving’. But the problem with this statement is… SELF. I can not do the work of God if I am focusing on my self. my limitations, or what I want. I must instead focus on what the word says about me, and what I am called to do and be and not allow anything to get in the way of that.

I would hope as I have grown in the Lord (and in years) that I no longer would allow others to tear me down, put me in a box, or push me to hide in my shell. As I mature in the Lord and who I am in Christ, I walk boldly with my head held high and draw closer to Him.

I hope I am strong enough to say; ” God doesn’t make mistakes, He grows me, cultivates me, and His work is good!” 

I will NOT conform to the world around me.

Challenge this day my friend: Take a moment with the Lord and ask Him. Who am I, really? 

He knows what He desires for you, who better to know you than your creator? Do not listen to the opinions of everyone around you or follow the steps that the ‘world’ is taking, take a moment to find the Truth!

Romans 12:2-

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

( NAS)





One Reply to “Who am I, really ?”

  1. Shaey, I can see four funny pics of me saying I like this. If you see them too, we can laugh. It means I like this a lot, but it just sort of happened.
    Being governed by others’ opinions of us, or what we THINK their opinions of us are, is just plain oppressive, unhappy, and as you point out – it can’t be God’s will for us, that is, to walk fearfully and self-centeredly when we have work to do that He gave us.
    In Him,


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