The lesson that was shown, not told

On my glorious girl time away, my friend and I had a late night dinner at Famous Dave’s. The food was SO amazingly tasty. We could not get over how fabulous it was. That is until the next morning, my friend got food poisoning. She was so sick, that she could barely lift her head. But she absolutely insisted she was fine, not wanting to miss the conference. Now I do not skim over this lightly, but I wish to spare you details….she was SICK.

When we made it to the conference and found our seats she looked so horrible, I suggested she go lay in the car. I learned by now that suggesting we leave would not be an option. But it wasn’t until we were at the conference and the worship began while she was still in the car, that I realized she wasn’t pushing through for herself. She had pushed to get there for me, she would NEVER settle for me missing out on what the Lord may have for me. My heart was overwhelmingly blessed, and humbled.

Thankfully after a couple hours of napping my friend came back in and heard Joyce Meyers speak.

After the session we came back and took a good nap in the hotel room, and my friend woke feeling like herself.

Throughout the whole time I saw so many  ways that my friend was always thinking of me. She brought me breakfast on a tray one morning and had coffee made, she was always trying to let me sleep extra, she took my bags to the car, and she always wanted to make sure I was taken care of.

My friend taught me in many ways, more than the conference ever could. She taught me how to love and serve another without selfish ambition. The conference was wonderful and I learned many things I could apply to my life, but these were things told, the lessons learned from my friend, were things shown.

I am so very thankful for these real life experiences and an opportunity to sow seed of my own. I pray that her harvest is GREAT and that others will learn from her soft gentle ways and not keep looking her over because she tends to be a quiet soul.

I have been challenged myself with this time away and it is a challenge that I will take seriously: How can I express unselfish love and motivations in the way that was shown to me? Am I making sure that others are put above myself? Am I being Christ in the most tangible way to others on this earth, by putting them first? Thank you sweet friend for the example.

Titus 3:14

Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others; then they will not be unproductive.

( New Living Translation )

7 Replies to “The lesson that was shown, not told”

  1. What a wonderful lesson you learned about friends and even the trivial acts of kindness are frequently overlooked until a moment in time where they no longer seem trivial. It was a moment to count all the blessings life has to offer, and you did just that. You have an amazing heart and soul to appreciate all the simple things in life. Wish there were more people like you.


    1. It was such a blessing to be thought of in such tangible ways and a lesson to myself for sure 🙂 Thank you for stopping in and may you be blessed greatly!


  2. I enjoyed your headline about love that was shown, not told. Reminds me of the Ultimate Example of love shown, not told ~ the cross. Christ showed with His death the fullest extent of His Father’s love for us far deeper than words could have ever expressed. Glad you saw a microcosm of that same love in your sweet friend. (And it’s scary…I’m hearing of more people getting food poisoning after being at a restaurant.)


    1. Thank you for stopping in. This truly was exactly how I experienced the love from her. It was so completely Christ like. I wish to be like this in an all new way. It is so true about food poisoning. We really should have thought through ordering pork at the closing of the restaurant, and there was definitely one bite with an off taste. I am thinking a future post on what may be tasty and ‘look’ good in our life, is not necessarily what is right for our life 🙂
      May you be greatly blessed this week !


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