Turning my ‘thinks’ into ‘thanks’ !!!

Sometimes my mind can try to think and think and think. Thinking will rob me of my sleep and my peace if I will let it. I often will be so caught up in my thoughts that I get short and frustrated with my family because my mind is caught up with hurts or frustrations or worries.  When my thoughts are even on my plans and family they can be a distraction and make me moody or anxious. Thinking keeps the mind occupied. Often like a road that is never ending, so are my thoughts. Are the constant thoughts really where I want my mind to be?

I was reading someones post the other day and they were also having a hard time reigning their thinking moments in so that they could have rest. Of course thankfully there thoughts were of excitement and planning but the thinking was still keeping her awake and it hit me. Just like I often do, I need to remember, to take the times of unsettled thinking and turn them into moments of thanking.

I have been hurting lately over loss, but I can make the choice to be thankful over the things I DO have. I can be thankful and rejoice in the fact that I have a relationship with Jesus and that GOD has NEVER let me DOWN. I am thankful in the morning and thankful in the evening. I am thankful in the good and the bad. No matter my situation, I can sing with thanksgiving.

With a heart of thanksgiving my times of ‘thinking’ turn into GOD moments. I am so thankful that I have learned to stop and give thanks. Declaring not only in my mind but in opportune times, what HE has done.  Thanking Him for His mighty favor, for His grace, His mercy and His love.

He will see to all the things that concern my mind and heart as I turn them over to Him and let my mind be at ease. I need to set these thoughts aside and turn my thinking into thanking.

Challenge this day my friend: If your mind is working working working on an idea or a thought, turn your time into praise and thanksgiving. Share with me how have you been thankful lately or what do you have to be thankful for??? Let’s thank AND share the good news 🙂

Isaiah 12:3-4 

Joyfully you’ll pull up buckets of water 
   from the wells of salvation.
And as you do it, you’ll say, 
   “Give thanks to God.
Call out his name. 
   Ask him anything!
Shout to the nations, tell them what he’s done, 
   spread the news of his great reputation!

( The message bible)

5 Replies to “Turning my ‘thinks’ into ‘thanks’ !!!”

  1. I’m thankful for my garden space. There is just something about growing things and “tilling the earth” that I totally love. I am thankful for the fresh veggies. I wonder if it is something to do with “he placed man in the garden to till the soil”, like something in our design?

    Anyway, I just have totally enjoyed some of your posts this week. Keep up the great job! Shalom 🙂


    1. OH yes, a good garden is such a reward 🙂 I love to see the sowing and the WHOLE process of God’s design right before our eyes !!! He is a good provider .
      At this moment, I am SO thankful for sunshine. It is a beautiful day here. Makes all the rain worth it.
      Thank you for your encouragement!


  2. Hi! I find when my thoughts are racing, especially at night when I’m supposed to be falling asleep so I can face tomorrow, one of the best ways to wind down is to recite scripture verses, psalms, or poems. Psalm 121 and Longfellow’s “The Day is Done” are among my favorites.”

    I’ve worked at memorization in the daytime, if I took a walk or riding the bus I’d take a few verses –or a poem– along on a slip of paper and memorize them. At night I’d repeat what I’d learned. I’ve memorized a few portions of scripture years ago and still recite them at night if I can’t sleep. They are at least relaxing.

    WARNING: You must do this while you’re young. I’m very glad I did, because my mind won’t accept new data like that anymore; I work at learning ONE verse, then half an hour later I have no idea what it was about anymore. 😦


    1. Great wisdom! I still find memorization a challenge at this point, but the stuff that is good and deep I can work on…and even if I forget the address the heart of the scripture is GREAT. Focusing on building up what is in my heart so my mouth may speak. Thanks for sharing~ Blessings to you!


  3. I love this. So true in our lives how we take for granted when things we rely on don’t go our way, but in the grand scope of things, we have a pretty good lifestyle here in America. How much more of a joyful life we should have, just knowing God will meet our needs. I am ready for a new season though.


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