The Fairy Tale Revealed

I wrote this poem quite a few years ago. I feel that it ties in nicely what my heart is for  writing for joy.

No matter what messes may come my way and no matter how dark times may seem, I know that God has the best planned out for me and I trust in His word, no matter what.

I choose to take Jesus ALL the time, the bible fits my life ALL the time, not just when I want it to, but always. This means that all things that are in that bible are for me. This news, is so exciting to me!

I can not take the time to believe the lies from the enemy that there are other quick fixes out there or all the distractions that the enemy would like to throw my way. I must turn from the things of the world and dig in even more into the word of God.

I don’t feel that this leaves me living in a fairy tale world, but the reality of a truth far better than anything I could ever imagine. To see my heavenly father take care of all my needs and for joy to be a part of my life no matter my seasons, this is a true gift that I get to live day in and day out. Living a life of joy is not something that I hope will happen one day, but a reality that can be mine every day!

Here is the little poem 🙂

The Fairy Tale Revealed

I do not wear glass slippers, for I walk on too firm of a foundation

I am not a beauty in the eyes of the world, but I shine with HIS glory my God knows me well

I do not use a magic wand for my battles, I have a sword, it is the word of God

No I do not live in a fairy tale land, my house is built on rock, not on the sand.

Living in joy regardless of my circumstances, is a necessity for living a truly fulfilling  life. Life is going to come with hardships and trials and troubles, but my foundation is always stable and that will never shift or change.

That day in and day out joy can only come from my faith in the Lord. Knowing Him as my savior and father and friend. I am trusting in Him, walking with Him and knowing that His word is true, victory no matter what the situation looks like, is already mine.

This is not the fairy tale but the reality of truth. It is a GREAT place to be in. I truly am a blessed child of the heavenly King… oh my, guess that part of the fairly tale is real, I am truly a princess ~

Challenge this day my friends: Evaluate where you are in consideration to the position of the King of Kings. Can you say that you truly are walking on the foundation of the word of God and all that it entails for you?  If you are walking in VICTORY, than declare that it is yours today and that is nothing short of amazing.

2 Timothy 2:19-

Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.”

5 Replies to “The Fairy Tale Revealed”

  1. Yes, you’re a princess, but not in a mere fairy tale but in His Story! A story that is more imaginative, beautiful, great, profound, exciting, loving than anything people write!!
    Bless you!


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