Sometimes instant is not the answer

I have been cooking my food on the stove lately after reading about what the microwave does to food nutrients. Today while eating lukewarm food, because I assumed it had been on the stove long enough, a thought struck me: there are so many quick fixes and  conveniences in the modern world today, that we get impatient or expectant that everything in life will happen just as quickly.

We I click a switch for a light, it turns on. I use a remote and channels change instantly.  I have high-speed internet, so when it is not working well or I am using a slower option, it is an irritation. When I miss my friends, I click onto Facebook. There are countless opportunities for instant gratification.

It is this mentality of immediate results, that made my journey for joy, real work.
I had to change my thought pattern. I kept thinking that things were going to happen instantly. One day of joy thoughts and speaking praises to the Lord would help in the moment, but  then the next day I would be struggling again.
Joy wasn’t a mind and heart condition until I pursued it daily. Every day had to be steps of faith that the fullness would come. I had to pursue joy, in order to obtain joy to it’s fullest.

I had to work on what was in my heart and who was getting my attention in my life. I needed time for Jesus daily and not allow myself to be bogged down with convenient distractions or unhealthy lies of the enemy. I had to guard my heart from attacks from loved ones with their words or sapping my energy with their constant needs. I had to know that God was doing something in me, even if I could not see it.

If I quit pursuing joy after the first few attempts because the results were taking too long, I would still be hopeless and discouraged. I instead kept pursuing joy, even when I did not feel like it, because I knew eventually it would be mine daily.

There are times when the Lord needs to root out much in order to perfect a work in us. This means it can take a season for us to see the results we are believing for.

Think on these instant results: Instant coffee is not as profound and tasty as nicely brewed coffee. A frozen roast beef T.V. dinner is not as flavorful  as a slow cooked roast with vegetables. A fast food hamburger and fries is nothing nutritionally, compared to a healthy home cooked meal. Taking dietary weight loss supplements is not going to bring the health and results that a good diet and real exercise would bring about.

Do you see how instant does not mean better?

Often when something isn’t working as quickly as we think it should, we give up. Just as I did with the stove today. I thought that the food was warm. But I was impatient, I was used to immediate results. The food was good but it would have been so much better if I had waited for the full process.

There is definitely a time and place that instantly is necessary . I for one want instant results if I need an ambulance and I still expect instant results when I use my television remote. But it is time to stop and realize just because something isn’t happening instantly in our lives does not mean something isn’t brewing and in the process of being perfected.

Challenge this day my friends: In the moments of life when it feels like your goals are taking to long  to achieve, remember that somethings just take time. While pursuing gifts and blessings from God, whether it be; joy, peace, strength, finances, health etc ,  remember that He is taking care of it. Keep on pursuing and rest in the knowledge that it will come.
Sometimes things just need to simmer in goodness to reach the fullness of potential  and sometimes we need to be strengthened through the waiting 🙂

Psalm 27:14

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

4 Replies to “Sometimes instant is not the answer”

  1. Oh how we forget that we are spoiled and have to change our way of thinking. I love this comparrison to not waiting for the full process to be done. It will be alright if rushed, but will be AMAZING if done to perfection.


    1. AGREED 🙂 I also feel there is prepping that we must do to reach the perfection. Not that the outcome is by our works, but faith without works is dead… distractions must be removed and obedience a MUST!


  2. Shaey,
    Besides making me hungry for dinner, you made me eager for God’s will to be done in HIS timing.
    You wrote: “Sometimes things just need to simmer in goodness to reach the fullness of potential.” That’s so true!
    Thank you! (Well done!)


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