Not talked about enough

I want to discuss a very touchy topic. I want to share that there was a season when I was SO tired of my constant pain, that I wanted to end my life. I did mention a few weeks earlier that writing for joy came about because I was imagining the spilling of my blood when I was in a shower and God woke me up to how desperate I had become and reminded me WHO HE IS and told me He had a work for me to do.

The enemy would like nothing better than to bring us down into depression, to hold us there and to steal the life that God has planned for us to live. Often times it is assumed a Christian would know better than to want to end their life, but I was one that was desperate.

I truly believe in that moment God was able to reach me only because I had spent most of my life searching and living for Him. When it was time to hear Him, I was able. I knew His voice. I knew what the word said about my life.

The reason I mention this now, is there is a very large misconception about who will and will not commit suicide. To look at me at church on Sundays in that season, you would never have thought that I was plagued with the lie that ending my life would be best. Looking at a strong manly man, you would never think he would take his life as an out. I can not say how untrue it is that you or your loved one is invincible to the lie. I am not saying everyone is plagued with thoughts of suicide, or that everyone will believe the lie, but the enemy tries to get at us anyway He can to end God’s plans.

God has a design and purpose for every single life and the enemy wants to rob it.

God knew you before you were born and He knows even the hairs on your head, you are LOVED.

I KNOW life can get tough. I KNOW that it can seem impossible. It is important to learn the truths that God has for you so that when those times come you are equipped to defeat the LIE that death is the only way out.

There is a serious need out there. Let’s not be blind to it, or wipe it away or pretend it does not exist. Look into the eyes of the hurting. No body except God could reach me at that time and moment. I was so tired, so hurt, so lost, so broken.  It is the enemies design and plan to shorten the life of God’s creation.

Challenge this day my friends: Build yourself up in the word of God. KNOW that He has a plan and purpose for you, so that when it is time to fight, you are equipped. He came that you may LIVE and LIVE abundantly!

John 10:10-

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

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