Never the same way again

 There was a season when the hubby and I were young that a home with equity was pretty much handed to us. He was making good money and I was able to be a stay at home mom. Things were good financially, but we did not have the wisdom to put away for the rainy days to come.

I am ashamed to admit as much as I gave and  blessed others there was an ignorance on my part of how bad finances can be for a family that walks around with a smile.

Then as they say, pride comes before a fall… We never thought that we would be living below poverty level when my husband has always been able to provide more than enough at such a young age. We were not considered wealthy by any means,  but we were able to make our house payment, carry our medical insurance, pay our bills, home school our children and have extra left over. In this season of life, that old season was wealthier than I thought.

The funny thing is, in that season of more than enough, I was always worried. I always felt like we didn’t have enough, hubby couldn’t miss a day of work for fear we would fall short and be late on a bill.  There was a fear that he would get laid off and I always had in the back of my mind, if I had to go to work I could. Even though I know God was our provider and brought the work, lead hubby to his career, The provision was focused on ‘us’ and what we could do.

 It is amazing that when your little world is rocked, how much you can grow in trust and peace.

 We do not view money in the same way anymore. I know what our ‘need’ truly is now. We can not buy the latest technology at this point, or replace our very uncomfortable furniture, or even go to the dentist to fix my tooth with a hole in it and remove the wisdom teeth right now. BUT we have shelter, food, clothing, heat, water and PEACE.

We are so blessed when we look at the full picture of the world around us. No longer am I able to look at a hurting individual and only see the smile. Often I can see beyond that smile, because I have walked this path and at times had a smile of my own to hide behind.

It is time we are real with one another, it is time that we see how blessed we are in the midst of what is uncomfortable and new to so many of us.

I will never view money the same way again. Yes I will be tempted when there is an outpouring but I will need to remember my position and calling and reach out to others during our times of abundance, there are others with needs.

Stripping most of my comfort away, I value people, far more than the mighty dollar. 

I value my God, far more than the idol of money. I now know where my help and provision truly come from. It is more than a memory verse as a child but something I actually get to experience in a new level in  this season. 

Our need is met regardless what the economy says. Our need may not look like we think it should, but met it will be. 

Even in our financial stress and a time that we are lacking, we have been challenged to tithe, give, and step out in faith.

There have been ways we have ‘given’ when finances were not an option to give, by helping a friend fix a fallen ceiling, helping someone move, taking family photographs, babysitting, recording a friends daughter sing, or making dinner at our home.

The return is not always monetary, but IS always great! To give does not have to be limited to only financial. It is a blessing to be the giver. Joy comes with the giving to another.

Challenge this day my friend: Do not let your circumstances dictate how you feel about your blessings.


Decide today that you will bless the Kingdom of God in any way you can. In a season where many are feeling the pinch look for ways that you can give. It does not always have to be a dollar exchanging hands. The gift of time can be an equal blessing.

Acts 20:35-

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak,

Remembering the words of Lord Jesus himself said; It is more blessed to give than receive.

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