I feel the rumbling under my feet. The sound of the engine is baring behind me.

I hurry to rush ahead. The noise is getting closer, the tracks in front of me seem to go on forever. 

I just know the train is coming, too fast for me to outrun it. 

I push on and push on trying to get to my destination before its too late. 

It is on top of me now, I can feel the enormity of it’s presence.

I turn to look, it is not a train behind me, but my savior.

He is behind me pushing me ahead, pushing me farther,  pushing me on when I wanted to stop. 

Just when I get to my destination I smile and breathe in the feeling of victory. I arrived because of HIM.

The track ends. He was my hero, my champion, it is over and I made it. He saw me to the final resting place.

I look up, and see, a new track before me, it is then I realize my work has just begun.


It may seem from this writing that I am saying God barrels down on us. What I am saying is that He pushes us to do things we could or would never do on our own.

The word Continually means : Regular or repeated succession, very often.

Without cessation (pause or interruption); unceasingly, continuously 


God is continually there to grow me, stretch me, teach me, love me, and give His mercy and grace.

There are days when I just feel I can not go on a moment longer, or that I am completely inadequate for the work He gives me to do.

But I am reminded that He will push me forward to succeed in anything He has for me as long as I don’t give up. He gives me strength in my weakness.  

God asked Moses to do a work that Moses felt  inadequacy for. Moses felt someone else surely would be better for the job. God KNEW who He wanted and needed.

Often I want to pawn my work on someone else simply because I think God must have made a mistake. He reminds me that He is good and He asks much because He expects much.

God will often ask you to do His work that will glorify His goodness the most. Out of your humble  offerings, He will do great things.

If I stop growing, stop doing, stop moving I am not continually increasing in the Lord.

Continually is the only option to succeed. Otherwise I would be bombarded with failures.  I must continually seek the Lord to know what He has for me. I must continually pray to Him to grow my relationship. My eyes and focus must always be on HIM. I must not allow my circumstances get in the way of the continually.

Challenge this day my friend: Evaluate where you may have given up, where you have stopped and sat and no longer doing what God called you to do. Seek Him first, continually pray and search and with His guidance, GO get to that victory!

Psalm 105:4

Search for the LORD and for His strength; continually seek Him.

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