One of my dreams has always been to go to Disneyland. However the timing never seemed right. Then my family hit the beginning of our financial snag and I began to let go of that desire. I rationalized how unnecessary in life a vacation was and that it was more important to be thankful for my needs. It was time that I let go of silly wants.

I know every little girl wants to go to Disneyland, (okay, most every little girl)  and the little girl in me took a long time to let go of that dream.

I paint in vibrant colors with childlike qualities. I write children’s stories and make up children’s songs. I read Junie B Jones for the fun of it and made my boys watch Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast with me, far more times than they care to remember.. I have a childlike heart and I am not ashamed to admit it, I find it a joy. My imagination is my best friend and sometimes worst enemy. I would never trade that quality the Lord gave me, but those qualities made giving up seeing Disneyland very hard to do.

So just as I came to the realization that I needed to let go of the fantasy of stepping foot across the castle thresh hold. I get a surprise of my life.  My cousin felt led to send for me to come to California and paid for a FULL vacation for me. She took me to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Beverly Hills where we spent the night in a luxury hotel and had lunch on Rodeo Drive.

I was blown away with such a gift. I see it so clearly as the very surprise from the Lord as well as my cousin. God knew the desires of my heart and she followed His heart to bless me. She knew I had never seen anything like that before and she wanted to make sure I did. Just like the father, she desired to go above and beyond.

This cousin SAVED for this trip. She did not have a money tree in her back yard, she planned and saved for my visit. To this day this trip was one of the biggest ways that I had seen that the Lord cares about every detail and desire. He used my cousin to stun me with His goodness and the generosity of His child.

In very close to the same time frame we had another friend pay for two trips to California to see Huntington Beach, Dana Point and Laguna Beach as well as the opportunity for me to go to Cozumel. God didn’t open only one door and give me a surprise of only one desire, but MANY.

Even if our desires seem frivolous the Lord wants to give them to us. The key is to not put the desires above His plan. To be willing to say, it is okay Lord, you know best, I will walk in your plan for my life.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you may be surprised by the Most High God, that cares about your every desire and He does do what He says He will do !

Challenge this day my friend : Don’t give up on your desires, but Delight in the Lord FIRST. Be willing to lay them down and except even better that the Lord may have in store. The trick is to walk in His PLAN for our life. To let His desires be our own and to never stop trusting that HE cares about the littlest details.

Psalm 37:4-

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

2 Replies to “Surprises”

  1. This teacup was a surprise from my Cousin Trina from the castle gift store in Disneyland. I love Alice, tea cups and tea parties. She paid attention to every detail about me.
    The dried roses were from my students for Valentines day (another great surprise)


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