One thing my husband has taught me: A world of silence ALL of the time, is not an option.

I am an extremely noise sensitive personality. Dan is a drummer. I prefer music only if I am worshiping and Dan prefers it all of the time. If he had his way the music would be turned up loud enough to hear in our house,every moment of every day. If I had my way, the music would be turned down so that a mouse couldn’t hear it, or off.

I didn’t mind so much when he was working and not home during the day for six months straight. Now that there is always one noise or another in the house, between him and the boys with their energy. Most days I want to give a very resounding, ” SHHHHH!!!!!” and sadly this is exactly what I do.

I find myself learning  what it means to compromise what I want, for the needs of another.

My husband is a drummer, my oldest son is a drummer, my middle son is energetic and needs activity in a very rainy soggy area and my youngest son can get lost in the fray of the busy family members. If I am not mindful of all their individual needs and give opportunities for them to grow, we can get frustrated around here, fast.

It would be my mistake to not allow the Lord to do the work in my families lives by making sure they are able to use all their gifts, even if at times it is uncomfortable for me. I may not like all the racket, it may even be uncomfortable, but this noisy household MUST express themselves, and most often they want an audience for their every discovery.

I don’t like to even talk most of the time when home. I am soft spoken and nobody can ever hear me. It is my biggest discomfort to have to add to the noise, in order to be heard. But I raise my voice anyway, for my family needs to hear what I have to say.

There are days when the family wants to make noise, and one look at me and they realize they are going to wait for another day, in order to meet my need of quiet.

It is a life lesson to teach my boys how to put the needs of each brother above their own desires.

To be able to walk in joy, it is important to learn about  the true needs of your friends and family. To compromise and sacrifice for the growth of another. I find that even if it is  out of my comfort zone, I must compromise in order to let my family be all that they are called to be.

Challenge this day my friend: It is important to lay down your own desires for the needs of someone else. It may be needs for a boss, needs for your family, needs for a friend, or needs for the kingdom. I am not asking you to let yourself be a doormat. I am talking about asking yourself, where are you allowing your own comfort to come above another’s need?

Romans 10 :12-

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

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