SO, I was going to pour my coffee out the window of my car to make room in my cup holder. I roll the window down and Dan asks me a question. I turn to look at him to give my answer and then proceed to turn back and ‘dump’ my coffee out of the window. The only problem, I had not rolled the window all the way down.

  In the dark car, I did not notice the window partially up. I  hit the cup against the window and the coffee flew everywhere; In my hair, down the door, on my phone, all over my coat, the floor,  and covering the window on both sides.

  Through this experience I had  truly noticed  a difference in my joy meter from a few months ago to now. I was not angry or frustrated, I laughed and recognized that I am human and made a mistake, and quite honestly a funny one.  I am so excited to see that focusing on joy has increased my joy and focusing on the joy giver has given FULLNESS of joy!

  I am now reflecting on the fact that I must follow through with the things I start. As hard as it may be at the time, and as distractions come my way, I must make sure I am finishing the projects at hand before moving on to the next part. In no way am I being diligent to what the Lord has for me if I leave things partially completed.

  The results will be messy if my work is left undone. I cannot expect the half completed things God has given me to do to see their full potential unless they are done. 

 For me I really need to remember to FINISH what I start.  I am excited for the day that I hear; ” Well, done.” I need to be responsible and pull up my big girl panties and finish those things before me. I will not let fear, finances, fatigue and lack of motivation stop me, God will give me all that I need to succeed at what He lays before me.

Challenge this day my friend: Look at all those half completed projects that the Lord laid on your heart and get to finishing what you have begun.


2 Corinthians 8:11

Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.



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