Unlocking the treasure chests

Okay I admit it, I am a closet Zelda fan. I stay away from video games mostly, because once I start them I become slightly obsessive until I complete them. Sadly I stink at handling the controllers and it can take me forever to finish playing the games.

This most recent stint of obsessive game playing left me with a life lesson.

As my character was running all over the screen, while I was trying to figure out how to follow the map, I noticed there were big rocks or walls that needed to be blown up. When you blow these up, you open a cave, and in the cave sits a treasure chest. You want to open these treasure chests because they aid in your game progress in some way or another.

I started reflecting on the rocks and walls that I have placed in front of my own treasure chests in life.

When I am hurt by someone over and over, I will often build up a wall. I often try to cut off any effect they have had in my life and forget them completely. But in reality, behind those walls that I put up,  these people had left treasures in my life. Whether it be joy, wisdom, insight, patience, encouragement or companionship, these people blessed me for a moment. No matter what the hurtful thing was, there was treasure from the moments that these people were in my life. I can’t wall it all up completely or I miss out on learning from whatever the point was in the season.

One key to having true joy, is to allow others to bless your life. To open these treasures and to appreciate them. I want to choose to focus on the blessings and not the hurt or just wall these valuable people up just because they had hurt me.

Also while treasure hunting with Zelda, I was reflecting on all the gifts the Lord has given me. I often find myself comparing my gifts and talents  to the abilities of others. There are so many that are much more talented at painting, singing, dancing, writing and all the other activities I try my hand at, than I am. When I begin to compare, I will want to hide my abilities out of fear or pride. I let ‘feelings’ get  in my way and then  I will place a wall up and hide my treasure.

The Lord gives us our talents and gifts to bless others and ourselves. He gives us our natural abilities and it is up to us to cultivate them to be better and to use what we do have.  Often it is in the using of your gift that is part of your treasure. A treasure does no good to sit and not be used. I may be a mediocre but using my gift brings joy. I can not compare, for it is my treasure and I must use it.

So I encourage you this day my friend, evaluate and find, what are your treasures and how have you walled them up? And then I challenge you, blow up the walls that are standing in your way(figuratively of course)  and unlock the treasure chests.

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