Lesson from makeup remover

I apply liquid cover up to my face when I will be going out to dinner or want to look my best in public. The cover up will hide the blemished uneven skin tone on my face. Then I apply blush to add color, where the cover up drained me of it.

I started reflecting on the fact that often we cover up things that hurt us, make us angry or are just flat out flawed in our life. Things we don’t want to look at  any longer we will cover with lies, fake joy, busyness, alcohol, drugs or even the ‘ministry’ to make the feelings all pretty again by pretending they are not there.. For a season piling layers upon layers of good things so that we do not need to face the ugly may help us feel better.

But there comes a time when you need to strip away those layers. Just as it is not healthy to pile days and days of make up to the face allowing the makeup to cake into the pores for  months  at a time. It is not healthy to keep covering the pains of this world. You need to take time to prepare and clean the very foundation (the face).

The joy that I desire to walk with in my life, is not a cover up fix but something that is there naturally and beautifully applied by the creator. I desire to strip away the things that I have allowed myself to mask pain with.

It is time to  remove the layers.

This is my challenge this day my friends, find areas you have just masked over and covered up and get rid of them, purge them once and for all. It is time to see what was hidden underneath and remove the blinders that kept you from seeing it. REMOVE it all and start fresh.

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