Pour the best brew ~

I am at the position in life where I want joy to pour forth. Not only because I want joy in my own life, but I want to fill others up with it. I want the joy to come from my being and change the atmosphere. Often I find that I am surrounded by people that are effected in quite the opposite way and I have to stop and ask myself why.

I see the answer to this question lies in the one fact ; what kind of brew  am I percolating in?

If I want a good flavor and great aroma I need to peculate in good things. I need to let the good in my life bubble and brew and be perfected.

I will never forget the drink of a nicely brewed cup of coffee that had left over vinegar in the coffee pot from cleaning. A perfect cup of coffee had been spoiled because a little bit of residue of sour was left in it. Even a little bit of a sour note can effect the atmosphere around you and within you.

If we focus on the things that are not going right, than that is what we become. We need to think on and live in the good of the moment. There is always good to percolate in. There is always something to bring life we can share. If we are so wrapped up in our moments, our fears, our worries, gossip, problems that we think others have  or the circumstances around us, we do not allow the opportunity for a nicely perfected brew to come forth.

Clean out the inside COMPLETELY. Do not leave a nasty residue to fester and to show up when you least expect it or want it to. Think about the others around you. What do you want to leave them with? Would you serve them a cup of coffee with vinegar in it knowingly?

Challenge this day my friend. Think things through before we open our mouth. Ask if we are percolating in a good base or in something soured and spoiled. If you  are in need then clean the residue of the past out. It is time to start fresh.

Get the pot ready, the best brew needs to pour forth!!!!!

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