Fear NOT

One meaning of fear is to EXPECT with ALARM.  I can reflect back and see that I often expected with alarm situations that were completely imaginary. The cycle would start with the question, “What if?” or  ” Could they?”

These are definite traps. To expect the real or imaginary with alarm is to take your eyes off of what is now and looking ahead for trouble. Often the very thing you expect is what you talk about and give control in your life. What you expect is often the outcome of your future. If you are expecting troubles, you will get them and don’t we run into enough trouble without expecting more?

The bible says, ” FEAR NOT! For I am with you.”

Fear is anxiety, anxiety leads to depression, and depression keeps you from experiencing fullness of joy.

There is an internal peace that comes, with the realization that there is no need to fear!

Today’s challenge my friend, take your mind, eyes, thoughts and imaginations off those anxiety ridden ‘what if’s’ and focus on the good in the time of what is!

Blessings ~

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