Garbage in and garbage out

I was cleaning out my pantry the last few days and can not believe how quickly I let ‘junk’ accumulate. Seriously; did I need two dish drainers, a foot -bath, a roasting pan, extra crock pot bowl, extra silverware tray, pickle jars (yes thankfully cleaned out ),two bags of crusty sweet potatoes, cereal o’s and cracker crumbs on the floor of my pantry  pushed underneath the bottom shelf? All these ‘treasures’ were hidden by the pile of grocery sacks and lunch boxes that kept getting kicked under by the boys that covered the other mess.

Who knows how long those things had been there and I know that it is a  sad, sad thing to admit. This mess would have sat undiscovered for months if I hadn’t gotten a wild streak to clean it all out. It helped having company over and realizing that I was shutting the pantry door out of embarrassment. Now these extras were the garbage I had let in, but doesn’t even cover the bags of stale and moldy bread I had found pushed to the very corners. Let me assure you, I have a HUGE pantry.

This purging of the pantry caused a little extra self-reflection. How much garbage are we allowing in to our lives. We let someone or something take a little corner of our heart and before we know it we are consumed with a mess we never expected and just cover it over instead of dealing with it.

My biggest area of letting garbage in to my heart, is when I take on another’s burden. Now often times a good friend or family member is constantly filling you with garbage of their own and it is added to all your own junk. If all you are is a persons burden disposal  it can be very easy to allow the burdens to accumulate and then you  become overwhelmed. If you have someone always kicking garbage your way, it is time to encourage them that it is time to lift one another up instead of weighing the other down. It is time to let go and  together put the trash where it belongs, in the garbage. It is time to focus on the good things in life.

I urge you this day, if someone is disposing all their garbage on you or you are holding on to your own, it is time to get rid of it once and for all. The garbage may only stay if we allow it.  It is time to speak to your heart and mind and command the junk to go. It may not take residence. If you want to walk in fullness of joy we need to not hold on to the crap.

Bitterness, burdens, hurt, hatred, jealousy, anger, envy, strife, damaging memories, and pain all are garbage items that it is time to dispel.   You can be brave and chuck it all out. You do not need the garbage any more, you held on to it long enough.

Todays challenge my friend : The garbage you once let in, it is time to take it out.

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