Through the darkness

It is so frustrating when I begin to get a song and I do not see the complete work yet.

But one lyric that has pressed on my heart for months now is… through the darkness, I will seek you , I know you are near. I have begun recording this song, with the help of my amazing husband. Even though I do not know the entirety right now, I do know that it will be complete when the time is right.

God will never forsake me. In my clouded brain, in my darkest hour, my thoughts wanting to suffocate me, God is there. I have hidden His words in my heart. I know them and I know they are true. I have the victory. Yes the pain rises anew over and over and over, but I do not need to stop there. I can pick up the word and apply it.

It does not matter that humans find no worth in me, it does not matter that I ache every day, it does not matter that my home will be foreclosed, that I get lonely, or feel sad. GOD knows the full picture. I do not usually push GOD in my writings. I know people feel differently and you can obtain joy in the natural by applying the truths in my post. But there is never complete joy without God.

God our awesome creator, knew us before we were in the womb. He sent His son to bring us from darkness and into a relationship with Him. His very spirit lives and breathes within us when we have life in Him. How can I wallow in my crud when the very breath of LIFE dwells within me and will rise and be renewed as I tap into Him, drinking from his wells of living water!

Darkness is mine no more. I do not dwell there. I do not stay with a cloud covering my eyes. I have hope, a vision, peace and the victory.

It is not a cliche but truth, I have joy, down in my soul. It is there and I had allowed it at times to sit and not be stirred up. But I am stirring it up this day! I am stirring it up tomorrow! I will NOT live in self pity, worry, doubt or tragedy. It is a new day, a new hour and I have an awesome God.

This is my challenge this day my friend. Do not stay stagnant where you are in the darkness but push through it, reaching for the very light that is calling out to you.

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