Loss will break your heart, but does not have to break your joy.

I know girls that have sliced open their arms out of pain, anger and self-hatred. They destroyed their faces because they did not want to look beautiful.

I have lost some of these beautiful women to their commitment of self-destruction.

I could use these situations and allow guilt to set in that I could not save them. That nothing I had said, and none of my prayers worked.  I could obsess with the fact that their lives were wasted and lost.

Or I can cry for a moment, let myself morn and then wake up and be proactive in the lives of others. I don’t spread joy because I feel like the perpetual Mary Poppins, or Pollyanna, I spread joy because I know the moment I stop, that is the moment that I become self indulged and obsessed of the situations I am in.

There isn’t one moment in any day that I do not have an emotion of burden and sadness.  But to allow that to be my focus or to take over my life is not an option. Joy comes from within. It is beyond the feeling of splendor, it is something you obtain regardless of how you feel. It is the TRUTH that you have life, that you will live it abundantly and your situations, will either pass or not, but joy is yours each day.

challenge this day my friend; allow yourself to mourn, allow the emotion of loss and destruction to cleanse your heart through your tears. Then take some breaths and say, emotion, you can not have todays joy.


2 Replies to “Loss will break your heart, but does not have to break your joy.”

  1. Wow, you reall convicted me. At some point of every day I let my chronic pain and the hurtful words of family take my joy (or maybe I just give in to it). It’s easier than being strong, acting like everything is okay. Pain hurts, words hurt. I WANT JOY! I love the Lord desperately. He is my light. It’s the trying to find the joy beyond the pain that I have trouble with. Darkness is welcoming most days.
    May you be blessed this day!


    1. Thank you so much for your truth and encouragement. I too battle with that chronic pain and thoughts. I don’t get hurtful words, I get silence and people that walk away and never explain why. I guess the words pouring out is the simple part for me. It is the day to day, picking it up that is the battle. Do not allow yourself to stay in condemnation. Conviction yes, give it to the Lord and then pick up and walk in victory. It is day to day to day. Step at a time. Moment to moment even. Blessings this day and may you not only have joy, but FEEL the joy as well!!!



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