The good old days

My most important heart of the matter desire with my writing is to bring you joy, or to inspire you to find your joy.
As I was awoke from a dream tonight, I remembered how simple things were as a child with my Daddy taking the lead and making the decisions. Providing my needs and being my hero.
I reflected back to the days of him by my side selling blue bird cookies, so I could win a trip to camp and while away at the camp I got so homesick my mom and dad came and got me early.
I remember running to Dad when he got off of work, and pulling off his boots and climbing in his lap to feel his mustache.
I would dance on his toes, and let him lead me around the living room standing on his feet.
We would trick or treat until we got so far from our starting point I would get tired and he would carry me back.
I would pretend to be asleep so he would carry me into the house, I would hear mom whisper that I was faking and he always said, “It’s okay, I’ll carry her in.”
He was my best friend, my comrade, my daddy , my hero.
I didn’t have to worry about paying the bills then, or making sure my children were happy, or that I was everything to my own family I should be. There was no illness for me as a child. Usually there was no stress or hurt and let down from friends and if there was Dad was always there to make me smile.
I find joy looking back at those sweetest memories of mine. And most often they involve my childhood, my dad, and the sacrifices he made, so that I could have the best possible.
I am writing this because those sweet memories bring me joy. A bubble in my heart that leaves me with a sigh.
I know someday that joy may be bittersweet when my dad is no longer here. But for now, I know he is and recently I got to be a little kid again.
I went to a Pat Benatar concert with just me and my dad. We talked about when I was little, we sang the songs together that I used to scratch up on his records, we talked about how talented she still is, and we talked about things on our hearts as adults.
My challenge this day my friend is to look back on those good memories and make new ones.
You may not have had happy child hood memories, I challenge you to create some. Go out for an ice cream cone in the middle of the day, or take your shoes off and feel the grass between your toes again. Find a comrade to share your hopes and dreams and fears.  Dare I say, take a moment and imagine your past better than it was. Let yourself create joy in any circumstance.
Some of us lose creativity when we grow up and have to go through our normal routines, I challenge you to not let it happen to you. I give you permission to be silly, to smile, to play and have good old days.
If you are ever looking for ideas, ask me, I am great at not growing up !

Blessings to you and happy childhood hunting.

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