Curiosity killed the cat

   So , our very stressed out, shy cat decided to go outside. I knew this was not a good thing for him. He had never been outside before and in the house he always hid from us and every noise because he was so skittish.

    Well it has been well over a week and at one point we saw him way under the house in an area we could not reach, I had hoped he would get hungry enough that we would be able to get him back with food,  but he is gone.

   I think it is safe to say, whatever wondering he had about outside has killed him.

  Thinking on this fact today made me reflect on how many times did my curiosity of what is a ahead kill my good moment of right now?

   I know this post will conflict with the other post about vision and looking ahead, but there is a difference between looking ahead with a vision and a goal and sticking your nose in something you are not ready for.

  Sometimes we jump so quickly into what we want that we don’t finish with preparation on how to get there successfully. We just jump and fall flat on our faces.

  We can have joy right where we are at in preparation for where we want to be. Looking ahead at the prize as an olympic medalist would, while still building their strength, stamina and skill to obtain it.

  This is my challenge this day my friend. Do not get in such a hurry to see your goal that you don’t finish your preparation to get there . Just like my poor kitty that didn’t wait to become prepared for the great noisy outside. Do not let your curiosity and impatience kill your dream, like it killed the cat.

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