Focus, focus, FOCUS!

   Where are your thoughts this day? I have so many running around in my head. It takes a great effort to stop thinking on the worries and retrain my mind to focus on the things that will produce life.

  I know we all have those mile long lists of thoughts that try to bombard us everyday. I have discovered and rediscovered that it does not do my body or my joy meter any good to dwell on; the overdue bills, illnesses, faithless friendships, lost loved ones and the never-ending to do list.

   There are some days that looking ahead at our circumstances does not leave room for much hope. But I am choosing to look at the future with a vision of what I want to come to pass rather than where I am at right now and stopping only at what I can see. So I go ahead and view my future and see where I am headed and know those dreams will come to pass. The things I want to see will happen. In the meantime I can stop and focus on what has happened that is good.

   Some days that focus is no more than “hey, I woke up this morning and I am able to stand on my own two legs.”  Directing my focus on the positive and where  it needs to be rather than where my mind naturally wants to take it is an amazing start to the day.

   Yesterday I had to dig up many focus opportunities.  The circumstances of life have been a struggle the past, forever. There is always something new to creep up.  Yet I know if I focus where I have come out of, the times we have overcome, I know I will succeed yet again. I may have to get into that clear focus over and over and over again in the matter of minutes with life thoughts crashing in, yet I am determined to do just that.

 My challenge this day my friend, is to not stop at the difficulties of where you are right now, but to find a goal and vision of where you want to be and focus on the victory when you get there, how sweet it will be! If you can’t muster the energy for your vision at this point,  take your focus to places that you have seen victory before and know it WILL come again. 

  Focus, focus, FOCUS my friend; can clear your sights in whole new ways.

 Here is to my focus this morning and wishing you joy this day!

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