Small things

  I have found lately that I can be bothered by such small, troubling, stumbling blocks that pop up, if I let myself. I have to choose to not walk in my thought of the moment or feelings but in the truth, that those small issues do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

  It can be hard to look at something that feels like a very real problem and say, ” You do not matter. You are small compared to all the other issues out there.”  But this is just what I am finding what I need to do. 

  Some days I feel like I have completely lost my mind when the fibro fog settles in. Then on top of that I get everyone’s opinion on why I am sick , or how to get better.

   I need to just let go and see that those issues really are not that big of a deal. I will get better, the fog will lift, and I have joy.

    I also need to just breath and let go when certain people’s opinions of me come in.  To put it bluntly I can not be all things to all people and I absolutely guarantee that  I will not agree with you at all times. I can not in any way meet everyone’s expectations, nor do I desire to. Does it really matter if I am different than who YOU choose me to be?

    My material possessions may break one after another, my husband may have lost over half his income for almost a year, I may have left my job and now realize ” hmmmm, we really did notice that extra each month”.  I may have been diagnosed with  a chronic illness. But in the grand scheme of things; I have a home, food, clothing, family, love, oh and hey even internet. The issues of lack or the issues that will change do not need to be my focus. They do not need to distract me from my joy.

  To live a life full of joy, my thoughts need to not be on where people want me to be, or where I want me to be, or where I want my finances to be. My heart needs to stay focused on what is truth. Problems no matter how big or small do not need to dictate my thoughts.  I do not need to dwell on them. Rather take a breath and know the storm will be over in just a moment. Joy truly does come in the morning, if we let it.

 My challenge this day friend is for you to evaluate. What things are truly small, that we can just breath and not focus on?

 There are enough issues in the world, do we really need to take on more?

One Reply to “Small things”

  1. It’s hard to Praise God when we are supposed to, IN THE STORM, but it’s true, thank you for sharing. I love you.


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