Let go and let live


 I am beginning to see the freedom in being exactly who I am. It does not matter what others may think of me. I am choosing to be joyful, happy, caring and non judgemental.

“How can anyone fault you for being joyful, happy, caring and non judgemental?” you may ask. Trust me they can, and I no longer care.

It is my choice to let others have the freedom in their own choices. It is a joy to not worry about the decisions others make but to be accountable only for myself.

The freedom of not letting myself get consumed with the behaviors of the world is refreshing. I do not like certain things people do that is for sure. But if an act a person commits is not criminal than I have no say in their choice. It isn’t as if they have asked me, “please give me your opinion on this matter.” For if they do look out !

Why is it in our nature to think that everyone must think and act the way we do?

I have a definite opinion on what is healthy, what is good, and what is right. But unless I am asked for that opinion I do not need to push the opinion or dwell on the choices if they do not match that opinion.

There is such freedom in letting loose of old habits and letting my opinion in matters go. To just live for the day. One day at a time, one choice at a time and each choice I make, my own.

I am sure I will be judged on this philosophy of mine. After all this is the human nature, to judge. This is the exact nature I am striving to run from. 

 I am a Christian woman and many of my well-meaning Christian friends feel it is their very responsibility to change the hearts of others themselves. If it is not in their own power to do so, they will push and push until they see the results they want or anailiate others completely.

Now don’t get your feathers in a ruffle if you do not do this. I said many of my friends. I did not say you personally, or all of my friends.

 If you are one that pushes your own mind onto others than that is, your choice after all. I am just saying I am choosing to let go, let others live their own life and I will be joyful in the truth I have discovered. We all have a calling, we all have a life to live and what we do with it or not, it truly is our choice. We may not like the outcome of our choices, but we will live with it.

I am not saying to not care about others, because I do. I am just saying  that you may find a great joy in letting go and letting live, just as I have.

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