Webster’s dictionary –  Joyful: Experiencing, causing or showing joy

Looking at Webster’s definition of joy is enlightening isn’t it? The word that stands out to me is ‘or’. It does not say experiencing, causing ‘and’ showing joy. We can be joyful even if we ourselves are not experiencing joy at the moment but just by causing or showing joy.

This just confirms the fact that you do not need to feel ‘happy’ in order to be joyful. You do not need to have everything in your life going just right, to be joyful.

Webster’s dictionary- Joyless: Not feeling or causing joy : cheerless

Do we really want to be cheerless individuals. Causing joy makes a joyful individual. It will give us the stance to say; ” no matter what we are joyful.” No matter the broken heart of the moment; we are joyful.

I no doubt know that the moment of tragedy has a process to get through. We are human and when tragedy strikes we may go through some or all of the phases of grief ; denial ( the no not me ), anger (why me), bargaining (if I do x than you will do x), depression (this is really happening), and finally acceptance (this has happened).

My challenge this day is to allow ourself the process to grieve. Allow ourself to walk through the seasons. But do not stop there my friend. Move on beyond the pain and the now. When you can take a moment to breath, sow a little seed of joyful. It may be all that you have in you at the moment but remember it may be all the other person can see in the season they are in. And you can truly say, no matter what has happened “I am joyful.”

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