Dream and dream big!

So in my previous post I had listed the most recent things that have weighed me down. Reflecting back I can rejoice that in hind site those things that have brought pain have left me stronger.

I have found out who is the faithful in my life and have met new people to bless and encourage right where I am at.

I have learned how to stretch what income there is and what I can not afford to do.  I take a deep breath and realize what I had wanted didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things anyway. The banks will get their money eventually, or not.

I can not complain too much when I have a warm bed and food in my ever growing belly. There are so many people struggling with far greater battles then my own.

The danger is when we get wrapped up in our situation and it is all we focus on. We do not take our head above the water to see the things that are going right for us or the people that have come along and blessed us.

We need to take the time and energy to dream. Dreaming of our future of how things will be. Dreaming of what we want to see take shape in our life. This brings about hope. A person with no vision in their life will perish. They will stay exactly where they are at forever or sink even farther in their own personal despair.

As Eleanor Roosevelt has said ”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

So today I challenge you with this my friends; Dream, and dream big! Share those dreams with me and I will believe in them with you. Or write them down and put check marks next to them as you achieve those dreams. If you need to start with little dreams as I did, that is okay as you reach them you can stretch your horizon.

Their was once a time when my dream could be no bigger than just lifting my head in the  morning and facing another day. Now I look at each day with joy and my dream is to bring that joy to others.

Your time of trudging along in the trenches will come to an end and a new sunrise with hope will be right there shining. You can take a deep breath and say, ” I knew you were coming, for your light was my dream.”

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